Firefox will disable Flash by default from version 69 onwards

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Adobe is gradually preparing for the end of its Flash program planned for 2020. As a result, browsers that have a plugin of this technology must make a decision.

A little used plugin with defects

Currently, few sites still use Flash. It must be said that Adobe’s technology has two significant flaws: it is particularly energy-intensive and, above all, it is not at all secure. It is not for nothing that many scams used an installer that copied Adobe Flash.

Among the web browsers, Mozilla Firefox has made its decision: the Flash plugin will be disabled by default from version 69 which should be released around September 3. The information was retrieved in a bug report a few days ago. This does not mean that the browser will no longer be compatible with Flash: the user will be able to activate it on his own. However, from 2021 onwards, Firefox will refuse to load the plugin invoking the end of Adobe’s support for Flash.


The browser relies on the use of alternative technologies to replace Flash, for example with websites using HTML5. Before version 69 is offered to all users, Flash deactivation will be released in beta and Nightly versions to verify that everything is working correctly. Flash will be the last plugin in NPAPI format (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) to disappear from browsers after technologies like Java or Silverlight.


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