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Genetics is the reference in digital genealogy. Praised for years by the specialized press, this software has won a large audience, from beginner to advanced users, including all genealogy enthusiasts. Recently released in a mobile version, Généatique is constantly updating itself to meet the new needs of users. And it works! The software offers state-of-the-art functionalities that allow you to create your family tree quickly and easily. Even Stéphane Bern, the TV presenter, would use it for his historical research, according to the publisher’s official website. A news that made us want to test the software, because if Stéphane uses it why not us?

1. Interface

From the very beginning, Généatique scores points. Indeed, the software presents a home interface allowing users to choose between opening or creating a file (here its family tree of course), saving or exporting, and finally restoring or importing documents. A good way to get started very slowly. But the real advantage of the software is undoubtedly its interface or rather its dual working interface. If we are usually against the multiplication of windows, we have seen here that it is indeed very useful. The first one represents a simple but very pretty family tree, which the user must fill in. The latter is not very elaborate in the sense that it contains only three different generations, as well as the surnames, first names, dates and places of birth of each.


Interface of the Genetic software

Nevertheless, once the latter has been completed and fully validated, it disappears, leaving room for the second window, which takes on all its importance. We understand that the first tree is only a working base, and that the second, more classic, but at least just as colourful, will really be our material. The tree in the centre of the interface is bordered on all sides by different functionalities, allowing us to provide additional information on the history of our family. A two-step work therefore, allowing beginners to really understand the issues of genealogy, and especially the construction of files. Indeed, since the family tree is developed chronologically, it is logical to use this same working method in a family tree software such as Genealogy.


Interface bis

2. Features and functions

No matter what we say, no matter what we do, genealogy remains and will always remain the basis of a tree. A family tree that for the moment has a real place in the Genetics software. The basis of everything, it is highlighted here thanks to several functionalities, exclusively dedicated to the latter. Thus, users who are fans of customization will appreciate the different tree views made available by the program itself. From the most archaic to the most trendy, there is something for everyone. The same applies to the settings, which make it possible to increase or decrease the number of generations displayed, to integrate or not the brothers and sisters of the ancestors, or simply to work on the different boxes (male and female) with different and varied colours to better distinguish them.


Personalize your family tree in two clicks!

Beyond the functionalities related to the family tree, which are certainly important, but are not enough to make a software a good family tree software, Geneatique integrates real advanced functionalities, one of which has particularly seduced us: the creation of a complete monograph. Indeed, with this rather original tool, Généatique positions itself as one of the most attentive software programs for families, in the sense that it offers them the creation of a unique document on their history. Halfway between word processing and PowerPoint presentation software, this tool offers everything the user needs to put his family in book form. The monograph thus includes a home page with the name of the family in question, as well as a number of pages to be determined as the work progresses. In addition, in order to simplify user start-up, the software integrates several ready-to-use monograph templates.


Creating a monograph

3. Intuitive software

As we have just seen with the example of the monograph, the software best supports users in each step of their work. Indeed, Généatique wants to be an intuitive software, easy to learn, that does everything for. Thus, when creating or modifying individual records, the software automatically suggests to the user the known places, as well as all the data previously entered. However, it is regrettable that there is no semi or fully automatic entry for first names and other professions, which would save users even more time.


Automatic search of the entered places

Despite this small detail, Généatique remains a powerful software capable of searching for family ties between several people, and even allowing users to exchange their genealogy data via the “Géné” site. A way for people from the same family, but not living nearby, to freely exchange information about their own family. But the performance and intuitiveness of the software is especially visible in a rather surprising function, which is found in very few genealogy software (Hérédis also has it): mapping and migration tracking. Depending on the places of birth, death or habitat indicated in the document, the software is able to automatically plot the ancestors’ itineraries on a map, in France but also abroad. Enough to learn more about its origins.


Monitoring family migration by mapping

Assessment of the Genetic Test

And well after this test, we better understand why Stéphane Bern chose Généatique for his historical research. This software knows how to do everything and has everything to please. Both beautiful and handy, it offers genealogy enthusiasts everything they are looking for in this type of product. The family tree remains at the heart of the software, from beginning to end, and the functionalities follow one another without any difficulty. Modern, it offers a platform for exchanges on the Internet, while allowing everyone to keep their family secrets in a customizable monograph. After all this, you might think that the downside of the software is its price, and not at all! Indeed, instead of offering a product at a single price, Généatique stands out from the competition by offering 4 different offers responding to 4 very different requests: The Initiation version at 5€ (yes 5€ only!) allowing to create a folder of 100 people maximum, the Classic version at 24,95€ for 500 people, the Classic version at 84,95€, and finally the Prestige version (without limit) at 129.95€. At this price, why deprive yourself?

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