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Geneatique, one of the best genealogy software on the market, has been redesigned. Released at the end of last year, version 2017 offers many new features and improvements to make it easier to use the software, but especially the work of budding genealogists. The aim is to offer genealogy enthusiasts an extremely complete tool to trace their lineage and above all to go beyond the stage of the classic family tree. So what does the latest version of Généatique 2017 have in store for us? Will the new features of Genetics make it possible to compete with Hérédis 2017, the market leader? Questions that we answer in this test.

1. Interface

One would have thought that the interface, the easiest part of a software to improve, had been reworked, but not surprised at all. The editor of Généatique has chosen to keep the interface of his program in its 2017 version intact, which slightly disappointed us. Indeed, we would not have been against a little bit of modernity and a de-cluttering of the screen. Thus, we find the workspace strewn on both sides with icons and windows to easily create and complete your family tree.


Genetic Interface 2017

Version 2017 offers a large list of different family tree models. To view and test them one by one, simply click on Trees at the top of the screen, and scroll through the list. While some models are very “kitschy”, others, on the contrary, make it possible to highlight the generations. The bottom of the interface is dedicated to the creation of personal files. A way of working while keeping a constant eye on the final result.


Family tree templates

2. Features and functions

While the 2017 version of the Généatique software includes many new features, three of them have particularly appealed to us. This is the case first of all with the collection of family trees. Creating a family tree requires a lot of research, input and formatting work that often becomes invisible when printing the tree itself. Well, Généatique 2017 now makes it possible to produce a real collection to present his research. The aim is to offer users a more convenient format to consult than a large family tree and above all to keep a record of all the research necessary to complete it. Fully customizable, this document can be saved as a PDF and sent by email to the people concerned.


Which collection model to choose?

The second new feature that particularly interested us was mobility mapping. If in previous versions, it was already possible to visualize the many migrations of members of the same family, with the new tool integrated in version 2017, Généatique calculates the distance travelled by a person from birth to death. A mobility represented by a map and arrows a little confusing at first, but finally very simple to decipher when you look at the function itself for a few minutes.


The migration of ancestors

Finally, Genetics 2017 also brings some improvements that can only please users. Among them is the automatic synchronization of genealogy. Indeed, with the latest version of the software no need to make multiple clicks to synchronize your work with the Généatique.net site, a new icon ensures the smooth running of the synchronization which is done automatically. A real time saving that we hoped would happen one day (it’s done) but that requires creating an account beforehand.


Creating a mandatory account to take advantage of synchronization

3. Intuitive software

Genetics is known and recognized by genealogy specialists as an intuitive software. The latest version of the software confirms these statements once again with very practical tools both in the design of the family tree and in the use of the software itself. Thus, Généatique 2017 includes a new Tools panel with all the features. A way to easily find your way around all the tabs and especially to find what you are looking for in a very short time. These are organized by category, exactly eight: “Archives and records”, “Data and equivalences”, “Fact sheets”, “Research assistance and mapping”, “Merging and replacement of places”, “Dates and coherence”, “Images” and finally “Playing and notifying changes”.


Genetic Tools 2017

If the enhancement and retrieval of information has been greatly simplified in this new version 2017, the localization, which is undoubtedly one of the most redundant points when doing genealogy (especially when you don’t know more than that about geography) has also been improved. To find a place, simply type the first few letters to see simultaneously on the map on the right of the screen the cities or departments that could correspond to the current search. A good way to learn more about its origins.


Quick and easy to locate


Not surprisingly, Généatique 2017 offers a quality service with new features that users will appreciate. If the process of creating a family tree is identical to previous versions, the creation of a collection and the mapping of mobility brings a real advantage to this software which has been on the market for many years. Still, there is still the little downside of the interface, which is cruelly lacking in modernity and which we would like to see redesigned next year with fewer icons and tree models in the spirit of the times. Finally on the price side, Généatique keeps its line with an initiation version at 5€, a classic version at 25€, another at 85€ and a Prestige license at 130€. A slightly higher price range than its competitor Hérédis, which offers its genealogy software in a range from 29.99€ to 109.99€.

Comparative table of genealogy software

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