The best genealogy software: Genetic Test 2020

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Généatique is back in a 2020 version and is full of new features. Over the years, the program has made its way into the genealogy software landscape and is considered one of the best tools on the market in France. Is this 2020 version up to the task? This is what we will see in our test.

Interface and handling

If you are new to genealogy, don’t panic. The software is delivered with a very extensive guide to better understand its various functionalities. The latter is accessible in PDF format from the Help menu, but it is impossible to search within this document, which complicates the task of the novice user.

The program’s interface is not the most modern and has no only a very few has evolved in recent years. Despite everything, Généatique 2020 is quite well organized. At each start, a page displays the latest news from Généatique as well as information on how to use the software.

The family tree is located in the center of the interface. The user can easily modify the information of each person by simply clicking on them. This information is accessible and can be modified in the lower part of the interface.

interface geneatique

On either side of the family tree there are tools that can be easily modified at the user’s discretion.

The toolbar at the top of the interface includes the main functions for project management and tree organization.

Comparative genealogy software

Key features of Généatique 2020

The software is extremely rich. The 2020 version offers some very interesting new features.

It is now possible to overlay the data of a tree on the migration map. This way, you can better appreciate the movements of your ancestors with the events corresponding to each place.

Carte des migrations Geneatique

On the right side, a scroll wheel reduces the displayed period. This feature will be very useful for large trees.

The developers have rethought the help for transcribing acts. This feature allows you to delimit lines or blocks of text to facilitate transcription. In addition to this new tool, the user can change the image rendering by adjusting the contrast, brightness or inverting the displayed colors. Unfortunately, Généatique does not have an optical character recognition (OCR) tool that would greatly simplify the transcription of acts.

Geneatique aide à la transcription

If you have a long series of photocopied or scanned acts and want to see if they are already entered in your genealogy, you can easily see it with the new version of the program. Généatique 2020 includes a new wizard that allows you to check the presence of your documents in the database when they are added.

Thus, if Généatique finds a corresponding event, simply select it in the “act entry” screen of the software. You can then complete or transcribe it. If it is not already on Genetics, you can add it directly from this same window.

The recording of events is also revisited. From now on, you can duplicate certain information to copy it directly into another person’s record from the results window.

Copie des événements Geneatique 2020

If the interface is not the most refined, one thing is certain, we can’t blame the developers of Généatique for doing everything possible to make the software more practical. The software includes a new function called “quick returns”. It allows the user to switch to the last open tools. Thus, by going to the bottom right of the main window, he will find the latest Genetic tools launched in the form of tabs.

Retours rapides geneatique 2020

As for the core of the software, namely trees, here too, Généatique has become richer. You will discover a new type: the descending family tree. In trees of this type, each generation is aligned. Spouses are displayed side by side, with less lateral space than siblings. Généatique proposes to apply a vertical shift to represent the date of the unions.

Arbres descendants généatiques

You will also find new tree models in the software’s extensive library. New features include ascending wheels or mixed shafts that make it easy to display direct ascents and descents.

Data import and management

For our test, we submitted several more or less large GEDCOM files to the software. Each time, he managed to restore the names, tree structure and parentheles.

GEDCOM file geneatique

However, the software does not automatically recognize all tags entered in GEDCOM files, especially when they are in a foreign language. Fortunately, it is possible to modify these tags, but it can be tedious.


The Genetic Import Wizard recognized the character formats of the GEDCOM files we submitted to it. In case of errors in the text information, it is necessary to re-import the file. Too bad it is not possible to modify this character format directly from the window of the already imported file. Another drawback: it is impossible to launch a GEDCOM file by double-clicking on its icon if the software is already open. Thus, it is imperative to carry out an import from genetics.

Erreur Généatique

Our opinion on Généatique 2020

In this test, we focused mainly on the new features of the program and the tools we considered essential. Nevertheless, Généatique has many functions such as searching for people on the Internet, importing media from social networks, graphical editing of these media and their metadata, etc.

This edition is very successful and full of relevant innovations that will perfectly accompany the creation of trees. Over the years, the list of functionalities has grown to make the program one of the most powerful and complete on the market in France.

Unfortunately, this list is also getting longer at the expense of the interface, which, while it remains practical, is also very overloaded. The pitfalls identified are not only aesthetic. The handling of the program and the management of imported files would benefit from some optimization.

Admittedly, the novice user has comprehensive help through the guide provided. However, this PDF guide is neither interactive nor questionable. It is therefore not always easy to navigate from one point to another.

As you will have understood, Généatique can still be improved, but this does not detract from its performance, which is generally good.

Généatique 2020

Download Genetic 2020

The software exists in a Classic 500 version limited to 500 people (per tree) and in a Prestige version without limit of people:

Buy Generatique 2020 (Classic Version)

Buy Generatique 2020 (Prestige Version)

A mobile application is also available on Android and iOS


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