Go Cloud: Google makes it easy to create applications in the cloud with Go

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Google is an Internet giant, the most novices of the web are becoming aware of it today. Here is another area in which the company wants to make a name for itself: the language for developing applications on the Cloud.

To do this, Google is launching Go Cloud, a package containing an open source library and a set of tools that allow developers to have more choice and ease in creating cloud applications.

Google says Go to the developers

The average person does not know, or by chance, the Go programming language. Distributed in open source, it is valid on a large number of systems, such as Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.

Its growth has been very rapid, even though Google has been working on this new way of programming since 2009. Today, TechCrunch estimates that the active developers using Go are about one million worldwide.

Go Cloud improves open source language

This new pack will be used for several things. First of all, the open source library provided by Google will save developers from having to write their own libraries each individuallya time-consuming task that has saved a million users (ouf!). Previously, engineers had to do one every time they planned to use the tools of a new cloud.

In addition, the APIs provided in Go Cloud provide access to:

  • blog storage
  • to MySQL databases
  • to the execution parameters
  • to the HTTP server

A growing language

Google is gradually integrating new features, including supporting more cloud providers. Go Cloud should offer developers, according to its broadcaster, the ability to create applications that are supported by a large number of clouds.

The parent company Alphabet has the most widely used search engine in the world, is responsible for impressive advertising activity, and manages the Android operating system, which is installed on more than three-quarters of all smartphones sold worldwide.

Today, it clearly shows its intention to significantly increase the growth of its Go programming language, even as the European Union accuses Google of using Android to impose its services on consumers and mobile device manufacturers.

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