Google announces the end of Google Wallet which becomes Google Pay

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No more Android Pay and Google Wallett. The American giant has just announced that these two services, well known to Android smartphone users, will merge under the Google Pay brand (not to be confused with Google Play, the brand’s store of applications and cultural products).

This official announcement, relayed on the company’s blog, informs us that the two services are gradually being combined but that it is already possible to take advantage of them on certain platforms (but not yet in France), such as Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse or Instacart.

When you use this service, the payment information stored in the memory will fill itself every time a page asks you to do so. As for the direct payment system, it will work like Google Wallett currently.

Developers are also invited to take an interest in integrating this solution for their sites and payment terminals.

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