Google makes it easy for professionals to transfer data to the cloud

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In a press release, Google Cloud has just announced the release of “Transfer Service”, a brand new option for migrating data to the cloud. According to the Mountain View firm, this new tool is more oriented towards corporate use.

Companies storing many files on the web will be delighted. In addition to its existing transfer services such as Google BigQuery, the Mountain View firm is unveiling a new file transfer service today.

If we are talking about companies, it is because Google Cloud itself indicates that this new solution is more for companies. The offer allows to migrate and store billions of files of different formats and can support a very large volume of data.

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Once you have access to Google’s Cloud platform, you only need to install an agent on your servers on the site and select where to store your files. You will then only have to configure and operate your transfers on Google Cloud servers accessible at this address.

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