Google Photos no longer allows you to store certain video formats in unlimited format

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For a few years now, Google Photos has been offering one of the best deals for storing photos and videos on the web. Indeed, users can save their photos as unlimited as long as they accept that photos over 16 megapixels are automatically resized to this size. For the videos, the Mountain View firm imposed no limitations. But in the latter case, the rules will change.

Unlimited videos under conditions

On its website, Google has announced that some video formats will no longer fall within the scope of unlimited storage. Instead, they will grab into the available storage space (15 GB for the free version).

In reality, the vast majority of users should not see any difference. Indeed, the formats concerned are specific formats that are not widely used by the general public. Google has shared the list of those that can no longer be saved indefinitely: mpg,.mod,.mmv,.tod,.wmv,.asf,.avi,.divx,.mov,.m4v,.3gp,.3g2,.mp4,.m2t,.m2ts,.mts, and.mkv.

Google Photos

More common formats such as.mp4,.mod, or.mmv can still be stored without limit. In other words, if you are used to uploading videos that you take with your smartphone, it won’t change anything for you.

Google also takes this opportunity to remind you that, in order to be played on Google Photos, videos must also last at least one second. If they are damaged, it is better to delete them.

This change in Google Photos policy has been in place since December 6.


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