Here are the new features planned in the next Windows 10 updates

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The deployment of Windows 10 May 2019 update is not yet complete as Microsoft is already thinking about its next major updates. The latest 20H1 preview (build 18912) unveiled earlier this week reveals new features that could be deployed in 2020 and not necessarily next October.

Control the bandwidth allocated to Windows Update

In Windows 10 20H1, it is possible to adjust more precisely the amount of bandwidth allocated to downloading system updates. The current controls only allow you to limit the download speed using a wheel, with only a percentage indication. Soon, it will be possible to enter a value directly to prevent the downloading of updates from monopolizing your connection.

Windows update bandwith

Add an event to your calendar more easily

In the current version of Windows, to add an event to your calendar, you must open the Calendar application. In a future version of the system, you will be able to directly enter your event in the mini calendar that appears next to the notification area.

Quick compose calendar

Better management of notifications

The last feature identified by users and Bleeping Computer concerns the management of notifications. A new parameter allows you to fine-tune the settings, including the sound of notifications and their display.


These new features are hidden

These new settings are “hidden” and disabled by default in the Insider version of Windows 10. To use them, they must be activated using a third-party program developed by developer Rafael Rivera. Mach 2 software enables functionality by entering specific identifiers in the program interface that will remind you of the Windows command prompt. The software is quite simple to use, since it is enough to type the command “mach2 enable identifier” to activate a feature.

Here are the identifiers to use for each feature:

  • Bandwidth management for Windows update – 21425853
  • Quick addition of events in Calendar – 21088047
  • New notification settings – 19654704

Thus, if you want to activate the new setting for Windows Update, you must enter the command “mach2 enable 21425853”.

Be careful, Mach2 can affect the stability of your system. Therefore, if you are not an experienced user, we recommend that you do not use it.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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