How to create animated gifs from a video in less than 5 minutes

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For a long time, the animated Gif was used by webmasters to illustrate their homepages in a very beautiful way and above all to show that they knew how to master the search for geocities pages and the insertion of images more original than each other, such as the “Under Construction” gif:

Or the famous “Dancing baby”:

Now that I have your attention, I will introduce you to some video capture software that allows you to create animated gifs very easily, especially “Reaction Gifs”:

Create gifs and cinemagraphs with Gifcam

Gifcam is to date the most complete, but not the simplest, software for creating gifs from videos, especially if you want to express your artistic flair through the image editor. To obtain an animated gif, we selected a video source (Youtube), as well as an educational and pedagogical video on sausage making.

Once downloaded, the software can be launched without installation. Simply click on “Rec” to start recording the desired area. The result, which is quite suitable, can be modified thanks to the editor, which also allows you to remove images from the sequence or influence the speed.

A special feature of Gifcam is that it offers a greenscreen function that allows you to create cinemagraphs, even if it takes a little practice. The trick is to leave the first “Frame” as it is and then to color the areas that should no longer “move”:

The result will then depend on how much time you spend fine-tuning the details, not like the example that is deliberately imperfect to show you the difference between the original and the rough.

Giffing Tool, complete but controversial

In the kind of screenshot software that allows you to create gifs, Giffing tool has been the subject of a lot of attention lately, especially because of several ambiguous posts by its creator. An unfounded rumor surrounds the software, which would actually hide a Bitcoins mining tool…Mouais. In any case, the program is very easy to use and allows you to play with editing: Front, back, frame selection… and the rendering is very clean, especially since the capture surfaces do not seem to impact the overall performance.

The watermark disappears if you pay the license fee.

GoonCam, the easier you die

When an amateur developer responds to the gif enthusiast community, it gives Gooncam, an open source software that was created solely for the purpose of creating movie gifs. The tool is rudimentary but offers additional options at the time of export and the interface would have required more work. But the end result is really interesting, upside down or upside down!

Online tools


It’s very recent and only reserved for certain channels, but Youtube comes without effort or advertising to implement a gifs creation service in the sharing tab. The functions are basic, but you can write on the gifs to illustrate a point….

For now, you can practice on the PBS chain


To use this service, it’s very simple: enter the video url in the searchbox and determine the first frame, as well as the total length. It is the simplest service and one of the most suitable for the web, when many others have a poor rendering or require an account creation.

Gifyoutube also allows direct sharing on Tumblr, Facebook…


Much less clean and with a watermark, Makeagif is nevertheless correct, in any case it remains in competition with other services that offer identical services.

And if after all this, you can’t produce the most successful “Reaction Gif”, I give up!

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