How to download and play Mario Kart Tour from Belgium?

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After long months of waiting, Mario Kart Tour is finally available! You can experience real races directly from your smartphone at any time of the day. At least if you do not live in Belgium where the game is unfortunately not available. If, however, you want to test Nintendo’s latest mobile game, here’s how to do it.

Mario Kart Tour, illegal in Belgium

The reason why Mario Kart Tour is not allowed in Belgium is that the game does not meet the legal requirements on the territory.

Nintendo’s mobile games are all based on a simple but very effective business model. These are free to download and play but have several small integrated purchases to unlock additional content (often purely cosmetic).

These elements are often obtained randomly with a lottery system. Take Fire Emblem Heroes, for example, another Nintendo mobile game. In the latter, you use your virtual currency to get new characters but they arrive randomly.

And that’s where Belgian justice comes into play. For some time now, the latter has prohibited the availability of games with a system equivalent to a “lottery”. The Belgian Gaming Commission then considers this to be a “game of chance”, making the whole game illegal.

Presentation of Mario Kart Tour.

How to get to Mario Kart Tour in Belgium

If, however, you would like to join the race and access Mario Kart Tour from Belgium, it is quite possible. However, the method will be different depending on the phone you have:

Under Android:

  • Get a VPN. These software or applications will allow you to simulate your position outside Belgium. We recommend VPN Easy available on our website.
  • Clear the cache of your Google Play Store. You will find the manipulation to do on the official Google website.
  • Indicate to your VPN a position where the game is available such as the United States or France for example.
  • Go to our dedicated game download page to get the APK and install it. You may need to keep your VPN enabled to play.
  • You can also go directly to the game’s Google Play Store page to download it.

Under iOS :

To download Mario Kart Tour on iOS from Belgium, you will need to create a foreign Apple account in one of the countries where the game is available. We have a tutorial on how to proceed at this address.

All you have to do is go to our page dedicated to the game on iOS to find it for download.

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