How to get pregnant or not get pregnant with these 5 female applications?

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Rules, Ovulation, Contraception… Three words that resonate in women’s heads like a chorus. Between those who want to have a baby, and those who, on the contrary, are willing to do anything to avoid getting pregnant, there is sometimes a gap.

And yet, in both cases, everything is based on one and the same thing: the menstrual cycle. In most cases, knowing your cycles allows you to manage your body and your desires. One thing that can appear simple but which in reality is not always simple.

So if you have any problems of this kind, and would like to know how to be a successful woman, check out these 5 mobile applications below. They will give you many tools and advice to never forget your pill, to anticipate your period, to know your ovulation period, and even to test your fertility. Ladies, it’s your turn!

1. Plan your rules ahead

Knowing your menstrual cycles is above all knowing their duration, and especially the date of arrival and end of your period. So, if your cycles are irregular and you still have trouble knowing the exact dates, you can always use the Ovulation Calendar and Rules application.

Very girly, this completely free app provides users with an easy-to-use rule calendar, many options to record mood, weight, and symptoms, as well as an intimate relationship tracker.


2. Target your ovulation period

Whether you want a child or not, it is always convenient to know when your child is ovulating, either to cuddle at the right time or to protect yourself. Thus, the My Ovulation: Fertility Calendar application is the ideal application.

It uses several combined methods to evaluate, in the most accurate way possible, the days on which you are most likely to become pregnant. These methods include the start and end date of menstruation, the temperature curve, and even the analysis of the appearance of cervical mucus. Enjoy your meal, of course!


3. Perform a temperature curve

To know if you are ovulating with certainty or not, there is only one and only one solution, make its temperature curve. Every morning, before you get up and step on the ground, you should take your temperature (always the same way), and record the number. Number to be reported over the days on paper or on the Menstrual Calendar application.

Free of charge, it will automatically calculate your temperature curve and indicate your presumed day of ovulation. A proven application.

Calendrier menstruel

4. Do a pregnancy test

You had been hoping for a long time to get pregnant and now you are finally showing all the symptoms, including nausea, fatigue and especially delayed periods. Before buying a urine test or going to your local laboratory to have a blood test, try the Pregnancy Test application.

Downloadable free of charge under iOS and Android, it works on the basis of a questionnaire, to which you will have to answer yes or no. The app will then estimate your probability of becoming pregnant based on your answers.


5. Tip to avoid forgetting your pill

Finally, if you don’t want a child for the moment, and you’re tired of going through the pharmacy box to buy the morning-after pill after a mistake, download the MyPill Reminder Contraception application for free. Extremely practical, it allows all women with a little head in the air to think about their pill. To do this, simply record the time at which you want to be alerted and you’re done! An essential application that we should all have on our mobile phones.


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