How to install HBO Max on Windows 10 ?

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HBO Max is a new subscription video-on-demand service. It is a multi-platform product accessible from many devices such as smartphones, connected TVs, home game consoles or Google Chromecast. However, HBO Max does not exist as a Windows app. There is, however, a trick to “create” the HBO Max app for Windows 10 yourself.

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The method we present in this article is to use Progressive Web Applications or PWA. A PWA is a website or web page that can be copied to a device’s system as if it had been installed. The created app has its own shortcut that redirects directly to the web page. This shortcut can be pinned to the Windows taskbar.

In short, the manipulation involves converting the HBO Max site into a Windows 10 application. For this, we will use the new browser Edge (Chromium) of Microsoft.

Install HBO Max on Windows 10

  1. Use Microsoft Edge 🌍

    Launch the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser and then go to the

  2. Create a Max HBO account 🧾

    If you haven’t subscribed to HBO Max yet, create an account from this page. If you already have an HBO account, log on to the platform.

  3. Install HBO Max as PWA 🔧

    To install HBO Max on your PC, you have to go to the Microsoft Edge menu and then to Install this site as an app.

  4. Complete installation ✅

    Click the “Install” button on the new dialog box that opens.

The app will launch automatically as in the next image. You can easily find it from the Start menu, typing “HBO Max”.

HBO Max Logitheque
What if HBO Max isn’t available in your area?

If HBO Max is not available in your area, use a VPN to access it. Logitheque offers you a non-exhaustive list of HBO Max-compatible VPNs: 
NordVPN (Us #3013)
– Fastest VPN (US Atlanta)
Windscribe VPN Free (New York Empire)

HBO Max is also available on Android and iOS:

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