How to install Lord of the rings: Rise To War before everyone else?

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NetEase is currently developing a mobile game inspired by the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R Tolkien. It is The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War game, produced in partnership with Warner Bros. At the time of writing, this title is still under development. On July 15, NetEase offered early access on Android that will last about three weeks according to the publisher. Here’s how you can participate.

LOTR: Rise To War available for Early Access in Australia and the Philippines

On the game’s official Facebook page, NetEase Games Global has unveiled details of the first early access to Lord of The ring: Rise to War. As mentioned above, the game will only be available for three weeks (until August 4th).

LOTR Rise to war official FB page

This is a regional test that only concerns two regions: the Philippines and Australia. In other words, there’s no need to rush to the Google Play Store to hope to download the game right now if you don’t live in one of these territories. However, there are two methods that will allow you to test the game before the rest of the world does. Here they are.

Install LOTR: Rise to war using the official APK of the game

Installing Lord of the rings: Rise to war on Android

  1. Recovering the APK and OBB file from LOTR Rise to war

    From the Logitheque site, download the LOTR Rise to War APK (com.netease.lotr.apk) as well as its data file (

  2. Installing the APK

    Remember to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources by going to the security settings of your device. If you’re on a relatively recent version of Android, the system will automatically offer to authorize a new source. If you are on a version prior to Android 8.0, you will need to activate this setting manually. Next, launch the APK com.netease.lotr.apk. At the end of the installation, remember to disable the installation of applications from unknown sources. ?

  3. Copy the OBB data of the game

    Do not launch the game yet after installation. Before doing so, you must copy the file to the Android > OBB > com.netease.lotr directory on your device. The Android folder is located at the root of the device’s main storage device. To make this copy, use a file explorer. If the com.netease.lotr folder does not exist, create it.

  4. Run LOTR Rise to War

    All you have to do now is start the game to play it.

Lord of the rings rise to war game

Install Lord of the rings: Rise to war with a VPN

As the game is only available in Australia and the Philippines, you will not be able to download the game directly from the Play Store if you do not reside in these regions. However, you can retrieve the game using a VPN application. Your VPN application will need to offer either an Australian or Filipino server. Prefer Australian servers, they are generally faster.

Once connected virtually in Australia or the Philippines, make sure to clear the Play Store application cache. Otherwise, you will always be geolocated in your real country. In some cases, it’s better to have a second Google Account associated with the Play Store to make it easier to switch between regions.

After switching countries, go to the Google Play link in LOTR Rise to war. The Play Store will then offer to install the game.

Enjoy the game!

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  • Corey Reply

    Doesn’t work, it stays on the “Searching for Updates” loading screen, game doesn’t open, I’ll probably try the VPN

    05/08/2020 at 6:02 AM
  • John Reply

    I’m trying to upgrade my troops to tier 2 and its frozen on a story about how to do it? I already have them upgraded to level 3 so it tick me there and just frozen anyone know how to fix this ruining the gaming experience for me it’s very annoying it’s the second time it happen to me I deleted the app and redownloaded before and it’s happened again at the same time in the game?? Wtf like

    27/09/2021 at 12:58 PM

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