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Do you live in the United States? Sorry about that. But for your consolation, you can still install Peacock TV, the application offered by NBC since July 14th and enjoy many free programs and content, all from the network’s catalog and offered exclusively or almost exclusively.

But if you live in a country other than the US, maybe you want to watch Downtown Abbey, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreations, the Office and a whole host of family programmes from your smartphone or, even better, from your Android TV.

Rejoice, this glorious day has arrived, we’re going to tell you how to do it and you’re going to see: It’s very simple.

How to install the Peacock application on Android?
Go to the download page of the application. If you are in the US (sorry), you can go through the Play Store to get the application directly. If you have a Huawei smartphone, or if you don’t live in the USA (well done), you will need to download the Peacock apk designed for smartphone. It’s usually the one with the most recent version number.
Once the apk is downloaded, and after having authorized the installation of applications from another source than Google Play in the device settings, launch the installation.
Launch the program, create an account and voilà, you can enjoy the Peacock interface and see a message telling you that you don’t live in the US (well done), so there you go, no Jimmy Fallon for you.

How do I install Peacock Tv on Android TV?
Download the application from the download page. If you live in the US (sorry), it should appear on the Play Store from the Android Tv menu when you do a search. If you are outside the US and for some reason you want to install Peacock TV on Android TV, get the apk (atv version) from our site and use a USB key to store it. Connect the USB stick to the box or TV and import the file.
Launch the apk installation, always after authorizing external sources from the system settings, and that’s it. Launch the application once and log in to your account.

How do I watch Peacock TV from outside the USA?
You have to pretend that your connection is located in the US, which requires at least a VPN and a little bit of trickery. At the moment, the VPNs we tested do not allow you to watch Peacock Tv outside of the USA, but with a little perseverance this should be possible, anyway we’ll keep you informed, we’re on the case and we also want to watch, uh, Murder she wrote and 21 Jump Street.

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