How to manage your budget during the summer holidays?

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HOLIDAYS are a dream come true! The sun, the sea, the ice in the water, the sand castle competitions for some and the election of miss camping for others. All this without schedules and constraints.

A painting that leaves one thinking but which unfortunately does not always stick to reality, because if indeed, on holiday one takes one’s time, it is not because one no longer has any constraints, quite the contrary.

Because there is one element to which we must always pay attention: money. And yes, even on holiday, you have to budget everything if you don’t want to be dry when the school starts. Rental, airline tickets, gas, highway tolls, food. And that’s not to mention the activities and souvenir shops that extend their arms to you.

Faced with these legitimate temptations, we have decided to help you have a good holiday without exceeding your budget. To do this, we have used some software and applications that will be of great help to you this summer but also and especially throughout the year.

1. Budget the trip

One of the most expensive things about holidays is of course the journey. Whether you travel by train, plane or car, it is necessary to pay money. But did you know that there are applications and software that help you leave at a lower cost?

This is the case, for example, for travel booking applications, which, for the majority of them, have a last-minute service and a price comparison. You can buy your plane or train tickets with a discount of 50 to 70%. A significant saving whether you go alone, with family or friends.

We start with Liligo, a well-known service that makes it easy to find flight tickets at attractive prices. Available on Android, iOS and on the web, the application also offers comparators to find a rental car or accommodation.


Liligo, compare and buy your tickets at the lowest price

Download Liligo Android

Download Liligo iOS

For those who like to travel by train, Yes. sncf is the reference application. It has been considerably upgraded with updates and makes it easy to find available tickets for the destinations of your choice. The user will also find the history of his movements as well as his tickets., to book train tickets except on strike days

Download Android

Download iOS

Another essential application for those who fly: Skyscanner. The ticket comparator could not not not be in this list. The application is very complete, easy to use and we particularly appreciate the ability to create alerts when you are looking for good deals on a specific destination.


Skyscanner, your best ally to find cheap tickets

Download Skyscanner Android

Download Skyscanner iOS

For people who leave by car, don’t panic! Solutions also exist for you. It is true that it is often tempting to take the highway because it often saves a lot of time, even if it means consuming more fuel. This is why it is often useful to use GPS applications.

In addition to guiding you, they give you several different routes to the same destination, with fuel consumption and toll prices. You can also use cheaper gasoline applications to see where it is most beneficial to refuel along the way.


ViaMichelin, three trips instead of one!

Download ViaMichelin Android

Download ViaMichelin iOS

Finally, to save money, also think about carpooling with applications like BlaBlaCar. Very practical, they allow you to go to the desired place at a lower cost, by sharing another person’s car. The costs are therefore divided by 2, 3 or even more depending on the number of passengers in the car. And then, as far as atmosphere is concerned, it’s always nicer to travel with a group than alone.


BlaBlaCar, carpooling in the pocket

Download BlaBlaCar Android

Download BlaBlaCar iOS

2. Budgeting for housing

The journey is good, but then you have to think about accommodation. As with train or plane tickets, hotel reservation applications also offer year-round promotions including last-minute promotions to fill empty rooms.

If you want to go to the most popular places in summer, such as the French Riviera or the Basque Coast, know that it will be very difficult to find something at this time of year at reasonable prices.

On the other hand, if you go to more remote areas, try your luck! There’s no reason why you can’t find a room or a camping spot for you and your family without breaking your budget.

An application like, for example, allows you to get attractive discounts and loyalty offers if you book a lot of accommodations via the service (1 night offered, exclusive discounts, discount codes…)

Find the hotel of your dreams at Hô

Download Android

Download iOS

HotelTonight can save you if you need a hotel for the same day. You have access to the top-rated hotels around you and can book with just a few clicks.


HotelTonight, same-day hotel reservation

Download HotelTonight Android Android

Download HotelTonight iOS

But have you also thought about sleeping in a private home? Often cheaper, this solution allows you to meet new people while visiting many cities in France and abroad.

The principle is simple, individuals put ads for bed and breakfast available on such and such a date on which you can apply. On the other hand, you can post your ad and the private individual contacts you directly to propose a room that meets your expectations. A real good plan that we don’t often think about and it’s a shame!

Airbnb has become a real reference with a wide range of accommodation and even activities with local people. The application also allows you to find unusual but always comfortable accommodations.


Airbnb, the king of holiday rental

Download Airbnb Android Android

Download Airbnb iOS

Finally, know that you can not save money but make money for yourself by renting your apartment or house during the holidays. Several advantages to this:

  • First of all, put butter in the spinach, which just before the start of the school year can only be very appreciable
  • Then you avoid burglaries by keeping your house occupied while you are away. Be careful who you rent to.

It is indeed necessary to be careful not to find his devastated house. To do this, take the contact details of the people concerned and inform your insurance company. But that’s obvious.

Echange de maison, a website for holidaymakers for intelligent bartering

3. Budgeting for daily expenses

As we told you in the introduction, summer is a time of temptation. Such tedious shopping usually turns into a moment of relaxation that calls for pleasure. The same goes for outings and other leisure activities that you want to enjoy without counting, so you can forget about everyday life and finally think about yourself and only about yourself.

But unfortunately, the wallet often pays the price. That is why we must continue to count. For shopping, for example, try to look at where your favourite items are sold at the lowest price. After that, if the supermarket is 15 km away, it may not be worth the cost of making the trip to earn 10 cents, when your fuel consumption will make you lose 80 cents.

Qui est le moins cher ? E. Leclerc

Who is the cheapest? The essential application to do the shopping

Download Who is the cheapest? Android

Download Who is cheaper? iOS

For other expenses, you can choose a budget management software, but also, if you are going with several people, an account management tool to distribute the expenses. Free or paid, these tools will help you to better control your money inflows but especially your expenses. To be used during the summer holidays but also throughout the rest of the year for healthy bank accounts.

Whether you are a cicada or an ant, the key word with money is to COUNT. By hand or with the help of a machine, it is up to you to decide. But what is certain is that by doing so, you will be able to anticipate your expenses and therefore save money. A good habit to take that will prevent you from tightening your belt at certain times of the year and will allow you to remain friends with your banker, both in summer and winter.

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