How to play League of Legends Wild Rift on mobile?

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League of Legends celebrated its 10 years of existence in October 2019. This anniversary was illustrated by multiple announcements of games developed by the studio Riot Games. Among its last, we will note the imminent arrival of a mobile version of League of Legends entitled Wild Rift.

League of Legends on mobile

“League of Legends Wild Rift” is therefore the mobile version on famous MOBA the most played in the world. The game will offer nearly 40 champions of the original title but some will be revisited in order to be more easily controllable on mobile. In addition, the graphics of the game will have a more “cartoony” aspect in order to run on a majority of smartphones.

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The game will still have the classic basic MOBA modes, as well as ranked games. Players can therefore compete against each other or against the AI ​​in order to progress and master their favorite champions!

League of Legends Wild Rift will adopt a free business model. The game will therefore be free-to-play but will have several purchasable cosmetics, as is already the case on the PC / Mac version of League of Legends.

League of Legends Wild Rift is slated to be released in 2020 on Android and iOS smartphones. The developers have already announced that a first trial version will be available within the next few weeks in certain test countries.

Play League of Legends Wild Rift early

Asked after the hasty publication of a “download” button on the Google Play Store, the developers of Wild Rift made it clear that the game was not yet available at the moment.

The first tests of the Alpha of League of Legends Wild Rift will be available from June. However, these will only be available in Brazil and the Philippines. The Logitheque team will obviously keep you informed when this version is released.

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To maximize your chances of accessing League of Legends Wild Rift in advance, it is always possible to pre-register. The formula is different depending on your gaming platform.

Pre-register for League of Legends Wild Rift (on Android)

If you have an Android device, the pre-registration method is quite simple:

  • Open your Google Play Store app with your Android smartphone
  • Go to the Wild Rift game page at this address
  • You will then just have to click on the “pre-register” button
  • When the game has access, you will receive a notification!

Note that it is also possible to pre-register on the official Wild Rift website.

Pre-register for League of Legends Wild Rift (on iOS)

League of Legends Wild Rift does not have a pre-registration method on the App Store. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to pre-register for the game, you will only have one solution: the official game site!

You will then only have to enter your email address and your date of birth to confirm your registration! Hopefully, you will get access to the game by this summer of 2020!

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