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You thought Total War: Arena was dead and buried? Not quite, since Chinese players can play it again as of today, in a version Totally dedicated to multiplayer.

Luckily, the people at Sega, Creative Assembly and Netease have left a window, what do I say, an open porthole so that we English-speaking Westerners can also pass a few distant opponents by the sword.

The handling is technically simple, but there are many pitfalls that will disrupt the smooth running of the maneuver and we will have to overcome a major obstacle: LANGUAGE!

Time required: 20 minutes.

How to install Total War Arena in English

Download the game client:
Download the client from the official website (Chinese) or from our website (not Chinese). You have the choice between the launcher (the file that will download and install the game) or the installer (the complete zipped game). Choose the method you prefer, but for the sake of this tutorial we have chosen the second solution and therefore retrieved and installed the complete game.

Unzip the archive:
The complete file weighs more than 6GB. Unzip it to an easily found location on your computer. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive before you do so.

Install the game:
First pitfall: The first launch is necessarily in Chinese: The launcher opens and you have to fill in your Netease login and password to install the game.

Create a Netease account:
Let’s assume you don’t have a Netease account yet. Go to this page and click on Sign In in the top right corner. In the window that opens, click on the golden ideograms at the top right to create an account. Fill in the fields in this order: Your email address, a password, your password again and click on the last button to start the Captcha. This one consists in clicking on the signs in the same order as indicated in the panel. There are 3 signs to identify, make sure you do it in the right order otherwise you will not receive a confirmation code by email.
You have 60 seconds to fill in the middle field with the code received at your email address.

Validate your email:

Once the account is created, you will be asked to verify your contact email address, which is not mandatory. Normally if you close this window, you can see that you are logged in to the site.

Login to the launcher:
Go back to the launcher and in the right column, click on the computer icon then enter your email and password. Then click on the red button to identify yourself. This step is essential because then the game can be launched by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the window. Between two, a window appears to ask you for your nickname. Fill in the field and validate.

Launch the game and close it:
To close the game immediately after it starts, wait until you are on the first screen and press the “ESC” key. Click on the penultimate line to return to the Windows desktop.

Edit the language files:
Find the place where you unzipped the game. Open the “Games” folder, then the only folder named “TotalWar_Arena”.

Select the right file:
Now open the folder “Data” and open the file “language.txt”. Replace the “NC” with “EN”. Save the file.

(optional) discard the CN language files:
There are two Chinese language files in the “Data” folder. You can delete them or discard them while you run the game for the first time.

Launch Total War: Arena:
The first window that opens, that of the launcher is always in Chinese. But if you launch the game, the window that asks you to confirm the resolution is switched to English. This is a good sign! Then the game launches and the first messages are in English. That’s it, you’ve done it. You can now enjoy a game that a good part of the population will not have access to for some time. You are privileged! Enjoy!

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