How to recover space on your hard disk after the last update of Windows 10?

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You may not know this, but when your computer’s operating system updates, optional installation data is stored on your hard drive. This data is stored for a reason. This is a copy of the previous configuration of your device available in case of problems during the upgrade. The deployment of Windows 10 1809 began on October 2 and unfortunately has some bugs.

If you are one of the users for whom it went smoothly, you may consider recovering the storage space by following these tips, otherwise keep this data.

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Delete temporary files following a Windows update

1. Go to Settings > System then in the left menu click on Storage. You will then have access to the settings of the storage wizard, which allows you to automatically clean your hard disk, among other things.

2. First activate this storage wizard. Then go to the “Free up space now” feature. The native utility will analyze your hard disk and display the largest data.

3. Select the Previous Windows installation(s) check box. To validate the deletion of this data, simply click on the “Delete Files” button.

Storage Sense Windows 10 update

The utility will permanently erase the data stored in the Windows.old folder, located at the root of your main hard disk.

You can also delete this data from the Storage menu by clicking on “Change the way we automatically free up space”. You will then just have to tick the box to delete previous versions of Windows in the Free space now section.

Libére espace stockage

The other method to recover storage space after an update

There is an alternative to delete this temporary data and recover valuable gigabytes from your hard drive, here it is:

The disk cleaning utility

1. Go to the workstation (Computer) to view the different storage devices. Right-click on your main hard disk and then click on “Properties”.

nettoyage de disque Win 10

2. Click on Disk Cleaning. You will have access to the various data that can be deleted. To view temporary data created after a Windows update, click Clean System Files.

nettoyage disque win 10

3. The utility will take a few seconds to display this data. All you have to do is check them and click on the OK button.

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