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Play LifeAfter on PC or Mac: Our guide

How to play LifeAfter on PC or Mac?

The game LifeAfter, originally released under the name "The Day After Tomorrow" in Asia, is very popular in these regions. Following this success, Netease, its publisher, decided to develop an international version in English. This version was unveiled at the end of February in some European countries and in Japan. This survival game is not available on PC, but there are other ways to play it directly on your computer for more comfort and precision: Android emulators.

Which Android emulator to play LifeAfter on PC?

First observation: not all emulators are compatible with LifeAfter. Among the utilities we tested on our Windows machine, 2 managed to run the game correctly. These are MUMU App Player and Memu App Player. Installing LifeAfter in the Android emulator is very simple:

1. Download the LifeAfter APK on Logitheque

2. Drag and drop the APK into the emulator interface and wait for the game icon to appear on the home page.

3. Start the game. It will then display a screen for downloading OBB data from Netease* servers. After a short kinematics, all you have to do is configure your keyboard keys to play LifeAfter on your PC.

Mumu app player Life After

* Alternative method

In some cases, the game may not be able to download OBB data from Netease servers. It is therefore necessary to install these data manually.

1. Download the file main.xxx.com.netease.mrzhna.obb. from Logitheque using your emulator's browser.

2. In the emulator, use a file explorer to create the folder "com.netease.mrzhna" in the Android>OBB directory.

3. Paste the file main.xxx.com.netease.mrzhna.obb into it.

4. Start LifeAfter!

How to install and play LifeAfter on Mac?

On macOS, installing LifeAfter is not as easy. It only uses the alternative method detailed above and through MUMU App Player, which is Netease's official Android emulator.

1. Download the Mac version of MUMU App Player (Nemu App Player) and install it.

2. Download the APK and LifeAfter OBB file from Logitheque.

3. Install the LifeAfter APK by dragging and dropping it into the emulator interface.

LifeAfter install PC

4. Open the MUMU shared folder to copy the file obb "main.xxx.com.netease.mrzhna.obb. ». This file should be in your download folder.

Mumu app Player

5. Open the MUMU App Player application store and type the Explorer query to download a file explorer (Root Explorer).

Mumu App Player root explorer

6. Launch the file explorer and manually open the shared folder. Copy the.OBB file and go to the Android>OBB directory to create the folder "com.netease.mrzhna". Paste the OBB file into it.

7. Run LifeAfter on your Mac.

LifeAfter Mac

Possible errors

The game may display the following message in some situations that depend on the emulator and the geographical location of the user.

LifeAfter Issue

To play LifeAfter anyway, you must use a VPN with servers located in Japan, Korea or "Europe", change the game language in its settings or wait for LifeAfter to be available in your area:

Lifeafter issue

Screenshot of the LifeAfter website

Unfortunately, Netease has not been more explicit about the availability of the game in all the different territories.

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