Intel updates its drivers with better support for Apex Legends

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Intel regularly updates its drivers to ensure optimal compatibility with Windows 10 but also with software and games. These are updates that are highly recommended since they bring many improvements. The latest version of Intel’s graphics drivers (DCH) is and makes changes that will appeal to Apex Legends players.

Indeed, Intel now offers drivers optimized for a handful of games including Dirt Rally 2.0, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm but also Apex Legends. Players will therefore be able to have a better gaming experience while avoiding bugs. With this update, the system will also better manage the power and performance of DX12 games and applications.


Of course, this update also provides its share of fixes. Several blockages, concerning titles such as Civilization VI have been reported and are now being corrected. Similarly, some graphical anomalies in Final Fantasy XV or Microsoft Edge browser are now a thing of the past.

This update concerns 6th generation Intel Core processors and associated graphics chips: Intel Graphics 510 or higher, Intel Iris Graphics 540 or higher and Intel UHD Graphics 610 or higher. To install it, you must also have Windows 10, version 1709 or later.


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