Internet Explorer 10 more popular than Internet Explorer 9

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According to monthly studies on the web browser market, Internet Explorer 10 moves up from the previous version of the browser. Released at the same time as Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 even invited itself as a trial version on Windows 7, before being released some time later in a final version.
This month, Net Applications research firm revealed the results of the browser market. According to these results, the most popular web browser remains Internet Explorer 8 with nearly 22.67% market share. Version 10, on the other hand, increased its market share to 13.52% from 11.71% for version 9. In addition, Microsoft browsers, all versions combined, have a 55.92% market share.
In addition, StatCounter places Google Chrome in second place, behind Internet Explorer. However, these statistics were compiled without taking into account Chinese Internet users. Based on StatCounter’s studies, Net Applications ranked the other browsers as follows: Firefox (version 21) and Chrome (version 27.0) have a market share of 12.47% and 13.76% respectively; Safari (version 6.0) has a rate of 3.27% and the remaining browsers have a rate of 16.48%.
However, Mozilla Firefox, all versions combined, keeps a slight lead over Chrome with 17.9% versus 16.31% for Chrome.

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