It’s time to stop saying bad things about your boss about Slack

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Slack is a discussion software that is very popular in companies because it greatly facilitates professional exchanges. But, let’s be honest, conversations can sometimes drift into various topics. Who has never grumbled at a colleague or supervisor? If this is your practice, it would be wise to stop since Slack will make a small change in its rules of use.

Your boss will know everything about your discussions

Until now, when you are in a Slack group, only members of the group can do research in the exchanges between collaborators. If your company opted for the paid version of Slack, your boss could start exporting all conversations, but users were then notified of this operation.


But next month, Slack is changing some rules: “As of April 20, 2018, we will stop exporting Plus data. Workspaces using Plus data exports will still have access to all workspaces data through the new export tool. “said Slack’s site. And what about this new export tool? It is on another page of their site that we find our answer: “Workspace owners can request access to a self-service export tool to download all the data from their workspace. This includes the content of private and direct channels and direct messages. »

You have read this correctly: your boss will be able to export all messages from public or private rooms and even direct messages between two users to a file. So if you want to speak ill of your colleagues, the best solution will be to do it orally because Slack will no longer be a trusted ally.

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