Live Presentations: the new PowerPoint tool designed for education

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PowerPoint is the essential presentation tool offered in the Microsoft Office suite. However, some users find that it lacks a little something: a tool to have more interaction with its audience. Microsoft has apparently heard their prayers and unveiled a new feature called Live Presentation.

With this new feature, you can share your PowerPoint presentation with anyone with an Internet connection, but that’s not all. The user in the audience can also interact directly with the elements presented. He can zoom in on details he thinks are important, take screenshots and even react with emoticons.

This new feature does not require any software to be installed on the devices. Everything is done online with a simple QR Code or a very short URL so that the maximum number of people can join the live presentation.

Live Presentation is also the possibility to follow the presentations in about 60 languages, thanks to subtitles generated in real time.

At the end of the presentation, the audience can give its opinion through a survey generated online by the system. Once all responses have been collected, the presenter receives a summary e-mail with all reactions, possible recommendations and ideas to improve his or her presentations.


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