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Good morning, everyone. It is 27 January 2020, the temperature on the ground is 9°, the sky is grey and the showers follow one another. It is the ideal moment to announce you that the site logitheque.com lives its last hours under these faded t-shirts. It’s about time you told me, and you’re right, yes, it’s about time the site changed decade, even if its last graphic redesign dates back to 2014…

For our readers, nothing changes during this transition period: The product sheets of software and video games are always accessible and it will be the latest versions that will be offered to you. We will just not publish any more news, feature articles or new product sheets for a few days. However, if the news requires it, we will publish hot content on our Facebook page, content that we will relay from social networks such as Twitter.

To find fresh and recent product sheets, as well as quality articles, go to logicielmac.com and toucharger.com and possibly lelogicielgratuit.com, our other software download sites which are, as you know, part of the Eptimum stable (not to be confused with the horse of the same name, which is much younger), are just waiting for you.

If you are a registered software publisher, you will no longer be able to add or modify the records you have filled in. Those that are on hold will be validated or denied, but access to the back office will be cut off in a few moments. This only concerns Logitheque.com and not other sites. We will not reply to emails requesting information about the availability of the new back office, you already received a communication on this subject last week by email :).

In a few days, you will see profound ergonomic and aesthetic changes on our site. To be warned when the new site goes online, you can subscribe, if you haven’t already done so, to our tri-weekly newsletter (registration at the bottom of the page), which will also change skin, or keep an eye on our social networks, or come several times a day to the site, without neglecting to empty your browser’s cache (Ctrl+Shift+R or in the global settings) to avoid graphic bugs. We know that you are eager, but not as eager as we are, to see a new face for this site that treats you every day to content on software, high-tech and digital life.

See you soon on logitheque.com

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