Luminar improves its artificial intelligence for photo retouching

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Today, the Luminar photo editing software receives a new update. The program, known for its artificial intelligence that retouches images for you, takes advantage of this to receive various improvements, mainly around its AI.

AI 2.0 focus: better image processing

Accent AI is the name of the Luminar filter that allows you to retouch a photo automatically. In this new version of the software (3.1.0), Accent AI improves its image processing by applying a series of actions while paying particular attention to the presence of people in the photos. Indeed, in its previous version, the retouching could be irrelevant, especially on faces that were treated the same way as landscapes. Accent AI 2.0 has face and object recognition technology to apply the right touch-ups to the right elements.


In addition, if Luminar feels that it cannot improve certain elements of a shot, the software ignores them to apply changes to the other parts of the image, leaving the user to process the rest as he wishes.

New options for organizing your images

In addition to Accent AI 2.0, Luminar also benefits from other improvements. The software is able to more easily organize two identical files in two different formats (RAW and JPEG) and also makes it easier to switch between the two.

If you import photos from a memory card or camera, you can create a folder directly in Luminar to copy them before saving them in a new location on your computer.

These new features can already be tested via Luminar‘s 3.1.0 update. The latter is also available in the 14-day trial version of Luminar. A special offer to purchase the software is currently underway: Luminar is available at 60€ instead of 70€ until May 14.

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