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Intego, a company that has specialized in software for Apple devices for more than 20 years, is a publisher that we have almost never talked about on Logitheque. And yet, it is well known to Mac users since it has several programs dedicated to the security of advanced computers. For our first contact with Intego, we decided to tackle directly its most complete product: Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, a security suite that obviously includes an antivirus but not only. Let’s see what Intego’s software has in store.

Installing Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

The installation of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 does not pose any particular difficulties. Indeed, after downloading the trial version of the antivirus, we simply followed the instructions of the installer.

However, it is necessary to activate Intego extensions from the “security and privacy” menu in your Mac’s system preferences. In addition, although the software offered to provide us with our email address, we were able to continue installing the program without having to add it. A restart is then requested so that Intego Mac Protection Bundle X9 is ready to protect you.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Interface

We expected to install only one software but, as its name suggests, Intego’s solution is a bundle composed of 5 software packages: VirusBarrier X9, NetBarrier X9, ContentBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine X9 and Personal Backup 10.9.

At the interface level, Intego’s tools have several points in common. Thus, software packages group almost all their tools in a single window. Access to the various options is easily done via the top menu. Another strong point is that at each first launch of a software, Intego offers an explanatory page on the different options and buttons. A good point to allow users to easily take control of the products. On the other hand, we cannot help but notice that, graphically, Intego’s software seems a little dated. They are no longer in accordance with the standards on macOS. Maybe a new interface at the same time as the 64-bit version?

Features of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

As seen above, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a 5-pack of software. Each operates independently and has its own role in the Intego eco-system. Thus, we find:

  • VirusBarrier X9, antivirus protection and the tool that interests us most in this test.
  • NetBarrier X9, the network protection that monitors software actions.
  • ContentBarrier X9, the parental control that allows you to authorize (or name) certain actions on the Mac to your children.
  • Mac Washing Machine X9, a tool that allows you to clean and accelerate your Mac.
  • Personal Backup 10.9, a utility dedicated to backup

Each software will need certain specific permissions to work: access to emails, navigation, contacts… Fortunately, the procedure for granting these permissions is well explained by the software.

In short, on paper, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has the merit of offering several complementary tools and the publisher also praises the ease of use of the software. We will check this without delay.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Performance

We start by looking at the performance of VirusBarrier X9, which is the “antivirus” component of this bundle. We find a software that protects the Mac in real time and allows to launch analyses very easily.

VirusBarrier X9

At the bottom of the window is the option to program analyses and the secure web browser tool. This feature concerns Safari, Chrome and Firefox and prevents you from landing on fraudulent sites. In fact, it is not a homemade solution to protect you, but simply an indicator of whether browser protection options are enabled.

Intego Navigation sécurisée

When it comes to antivirus protection, we are much more satisfied. First of all, we found that the software was, as Intego wishes, easy to learn. The various malware that we used as bait were detected and placed in the quarantine zone by VirusBarrier. Note that the software has, in its settings, an option to detect Windows and Linux threats as well. In short, VirusBarrier’s detection performance seemed more than satisfactory to us!

VirusBarrier X9

NetBarrier X9 is a network protection that has a great advantage over many competitors: it is very visual! Indeed, the program lists all software and incoming or outgoing data flows. At a glance, you know which program receives or sends data. The software will also regularly ask you if certain programs can access the network. In case of doubt, it is possible to change the settings very easily to block or authorize software.

NetBarrier X9

ContentBarrier X9 is Intego’s parental control. It is configured at the first launch with a rating system where you can place your children’s user accounts. Because yes, to work optimally, you will need to have created user accounts on your Mac for each person using the device.

ContentBarrier X9

The various options of ContentBarrier allow you to block or authorize access to certain sites as well as to filter specific categories. We have carried out some tests and the overall picture is quite convincing. We have nevertheless succeeded in trapping parental control on certain themes. Thus, the “purchasing” filter blocks many sites like Amazon or Rakuten but not Aliexpress. Too bad! Too bad!

ContentBarrier X9

We will quickly switch to Washing Machine since our test Mac has recently been formatted, so it is fresh and has only a few software installed. It should be noted that Washing Machine focuses on recovering disk space and removing duplicates via a fun interface using the codes of the washing machine.

Washing Machine

Finally, let’s finish with Personal Backup 10.9, a tool dedicated to scheduling backups. The program offers the basic functionalities of this type of software: selection of folders to backup, destination, frequency… In short, it is classic but it is efficient and that’s what we ask it.


Intego is not specialized in the Mac universe for no reason: Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9’s various products are, on the whole, good and efficient. The antivirus, the key component of the solution, gave us the impression that we were safe while being rather light during the scans. The same goes for network protection, which is already visually successful but also practical. Parental control has disappointed us a little, it seems to us that there is still room for improvement in some filtering categories. Finally, the publisher could also improve the interface of the products which, without being catastrophic, is beginning to blame the weight of the years.

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