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The German antivirus editor G DATA has a simple but complete range of products. And although it is mainly known for its security suites for Windows, G DATA also has a product for Mac that has recently been improved. In addition to offering full compatibility with macOS Catalina, G DATA Antivirus for Mac hopes to use its shields and detection engine to protect you on a daily basis. Is that enough? This is what we will see in this G DATA Antivirus for Mac test.

Installing and getting started with G DATA Antivirus for Mac

Installing G DATA Antivirus for Mac does not pose any particular difficulties. To take advantage of the antivirus trial, it is necessary to create a user account by entering some personal information. As with other security solutions, you must also take a look at the macOS Catalina settings to allow access to certain elements. There is a link to a page of instructions to follow, but the latter is in German. Too bad.

We are also taking the opportunity to install the G DATA web extension called G DATA Web Security, which we will have the opportunity to discuss in more detail later. And it’s already over: the antivirus is starting for the first time on our Mac.

G DATA Antivirus pour Mac

Visually, G DATA Antivirus for Mac surprises us. This is quite far from the antivirus interface for Windows: the editor has opted for a dark and very clean look… maybe too much. There is a side menu to access the computer’s analysis, quarantine or settings. The rest of the window is occupied by few things in comparison: the information displayed differs according to the selected tab, but the whole is quite empty. It is possible to resize the interface (from the parameters only), but the text elements then become unreadable. Fortunately, the whole thing is still easy to use.

G DATA Antivirus pour Mac

Antivirus features and performance

G DATA Antivirus for Mac is a software that provides several tools to protect users. They can of course rely on the antivirus functionality that scans, detects and then neutralizes dangerous or undesirable elements. These are then placed in the computer’s quarantine area.

The antivirus is also able to scan connected devices and you can also be protected on the web with the G DATA Web Security extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (nothing for Safari).

Of course, we have armed ourselves with our file full of malware and viruses to check the effectiveness of G DATA Antivirus for Mac. The software was not long in coming to detect the first threats. On the other hand, the analysis was very long and put our test Mac (a Mac Mini 2012) on the hinges. The aircraft was slowed down and the slightest task took several extra seconds. This is all the more surprising when you consider that this did not happen to us with other competitors.

G DATA Antivirus pour Mac

After the analysis, the quarantine stage was much faster and our Mac recovered at that time. In any case, G DATA Antivirus for Mac has proven to be effective enough to clean our machine perfectly and that is what we expect from this type of product.

G DATA Antivirus pour Mac

Concerning web protection, it takes the form of an extension proposed for Firefox and Chrome. We wanted to test it by visiting a series of unsavoury sites. Unfortunately, browser protection has always been ahead of the G DATA extension, which has prevented us from checking its effectiveness. Fortunately, in the case of malicious sites that launched downloads, the antivirus software soon appeared to prevent people from becoming infected.

Protection web G DATA

We quickly switch to settings that only offer a few settings to check for updates to the database, software or web extension installation. G DATA Antivirus for Mac seems deliberately light enough on this, certainly to be accessible to any audience.


Is G DATA Antivirus Mac a good antivirus? Yes, it certainly is. The software has successfully neutralized the various threats we have submitted to it. The interface is clear, but aesthetically, some competitors are doing better.

The problem is that beyond the antivirus itself, G DATA has nothing else to offer. And even if Mac security suites don’t run the streets, G DATA’s product doesn’t make an effort to offer more, while some competitors (including free ones) offer additional tools. Moreover, the web extension is not, in our opinion, an interesting added value. Because even if it can be effective, native browser protection already does as well.

In other words, we are still hungry with G DATA Antivirus for Mac. The software seems too light to us to deserve its price of 39.95€.

G DATA boxshot

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