Microsoft Edge to Support Google Chrome Themes Soon

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Users of the new web browser made in Microsoft will soon be able to embellish it a little more. The latest test version of Microsoft Edge is now compatible with themes from the Chrome Web Store. If you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge (in Chromium), you can already test the functionality.

Google Chrome, but not too much

From the first hours of development, Microsoft had indicated that they would draw several features from Google Chrome for their own browser. When integrated with Chromium, Microsoft Edge already supported the extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, the platform dedicated to extensions of Google Chrome.

If this integration went smoothly, it was not possible to install a theme from the Chrome Web Store for Microsoft Edge.

This will soon be possible. Several Internet users have spotted a new feature in the hidden options on the browser. If you have a Microsoft Edge Canary version (test version), it is even possible to install themes.

Install Chrome themes on Microsoft Edge (Canary only)

You must have the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary to try this new feature. The latter is available on Logitheque, in Microsoft Edge downloads.

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows

Download Microsoft Edge for Mac

In the Microsoft Edge Canary search bar, enter the following address: edge: // flags / # edge-allow-store-extension-themes

You should land directly in the hidden features of the browser as well as on the “Allow installation of external store themes” option.

from :

The latter is disabled by default. You will only have to activate it (Enabled) and go to the Chrome themes page to be able to install them under Microsoft Edge.

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