Microsoft: The essential 3D tools for professionals on a daily basis

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With the arrival of Creators Update, Microsoft has embarked on a new shift in the development of Windows 10. Since then, the operating system has acquired new tools for editing and creation, especially for 3D design. These native tools, combined with those in Powerpoint (Office 365), have quickly become a must for professionals.

Paint 3D: simple and effective functionalities

Paint 3D provided Windows with the 3D design features that the OS and its users needed. There is a large collection of objects and stickers allowing everyone to materialize their projects in the form of models or drawings in 3D or 2D. The main advantage of the software is that it does not require any specific design knowledge.

Paint 3D Win 10

The user can use predefined shapes and objects accessible in the main pane of Paint 3D or draw on the fly with the mouse or a stylus (On a Surface tablet for example). He can also use works published on to start working.

Remix 3D Paint 3D

Paint 3D includes a series of essential tools such as brushes and pencils that allow you to give texture effects to drawn objects. The colour effects can also be adjusted using a palette and a wheel to adjust the lighting on the object.

Paint 3D éclairage objet

Like most graphic design tools for professionals, Paint 3D uses a layer system that allows you to apply changes to some elements without impacting others.

Finally, the user can preview his creation in 3D by simply activating the three-dimensional display in the toolbar. The 3D models created can be imported from PowerPoint, the presentation software integrated in the Office suite.

Illustrate your ideas in 3D in PowerPoint

Since the Fall Creator Update update, Office 365 subscribers have benefited from the ability to insert 3D models into PowerPoint. The presentation software now allows you to animate 3D objects with the Morphose transition tool by adding a rotation effect. These models can also be retrieved directly from Remix3D.


By perfectly adjusting the layout of the object thanks to the 3D model display gallery, the user will obtain a most realistic animation.

Powerpoint 3D

Remember that these features are only available in the PowerPoint version integrated with the Office 365 suite. This Office suite is itself available for €8.80/month in its Business version.

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