Monument Valley: the success of this mobile game makes you dream

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The teams at ustwo Games must have had no idea how successful Monument Valley would be. Released unexpectedly in 2014, this little game full of puzzles was a critical success rarely seen for a mobile game. And the publisher has put the cover back on with Monument Valley 2, the continuation of the game that has also been praised by the press and players.

The premium, a guarantee of quality?

And yet who could have imagined that a paid game would have unleashed the crowds. The first part of the game costs €4.49 and the second €5.49 and we know that mobile players are always cautious about spending money, unless they have a few iTunes cards on hand. However, word of mouth seems to have worked and the gambling experience remains unique.

Monument Valley invites you to guide a silent princess through a universe of unique architecture. Indeed, the doors, the stairs, the elevators… everything is thought in trompe l’oeil and the player must carefully observe each part of the levels to know how to take his character to the end. Each act is poetic, thanks in particular to its music and environments with very fine designs. And the concept even manages to be renewed in Monument Valley 2 where the little girl is accompanied by her mother to discover new levels.

Monument Valley

A colossal success

The ustwo Games studio recently released some figures on the performance of Monument Valley 2. Since its release in June 2017, the title has generated more than $10 million and is currently reportedly installed on more than 30 million devices (Android and iOS combined). Few paid titles on the App Store and Google Play can boast such a success. Maybe the studio is already working on a third part of Monument Valley to extend the fun of the game?

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