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Last year, we published our first compilation of software for free download. Today, we offer you version 2.0 of this compilation, with updated installers and some changes. This compilation may seem like a qualitative selection but it has been designed as a toolkit or back-up file that will greatly help you when the day comes… Or just to discover previously unknown references.

For all tastes and occasions

“Making” a software compilation is not an easy exercise and we have made many compromises before reaching a balanced result. Moreover, we deliberately did not opt for 100% free, but had to mix free software, freeware, shareware and demos, because we set ourselves constraints, especially on the weight of the installers. That’s why you won’t find any games (which are grouped in a separate compilation), nor some references that just don’t have a trial version, even if it’s very short. In addition, we have voluntarily added generic drivers for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards because they are often missing on newly reinstalled computers.

Are therefore present on this “disc” (the folder can be burned on a DVD) a good hundred software, divided into 5 different categories: Office automation, Security, Multimedia, Internet and Utilities. Each of these categories is divided into sub-categories, such as office suites, antivirus, accounting, video editing or 3D Creation.

Mostly free of charge

As for the software present, they were chosen according to several criteria, in addition to the availability of a trial version: their quality, their specificity and their usefulness when first installing/reinstalling a PC under Windows. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer installers are available in “offline” version and many are now simple web installers, certainly very light, but which require an active connection to install the desired product.

In the list of selected software, you will find the free antivirus Avast or Kaspersky, the office suite LibreOffice, browsers like Chrome or Firefox, but also file managers like Total Commander or burning software like Nero Burning Rom. The list of products can be downloaded separately, if you want to read it beforehand.

Small clarification: This compilation is not intended to be exhaustive or to present the top of the basket. However, we have excluded products that we consider insufficient or of little interest. Some versions are not up to date, because it is difficult to offer an archive that is always updated on time, but also because some software is now available repackaged in downloaders, which we refuse to promote, for the reasons you know.

Now, all that’s left is to download this big 4GB archive (download manager recommended) and decompress it (with 7zip) to be able to enjoy it. And see you soon for a new compilation of software of all kinds!

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