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Whether you are an individual or a business, you always need an antivirus to protect yourself from computer threats. However, the choice of this software becomes more complicated when it comes to protecting an entire IT asset within a company. What is the most effective antivirus? Is it necessary to prefer the paid solution? On what criteria should we base ourselves?

Protect yourself from pirate attacks

Malicious software or “malware” does not cease to evolve over time and therefore, to decline in several forms to become a serious computer threat. Developed by hackers, they can be:

  • Spyware”, which recovers your data
  • Trojans”, which are hidden in other programs
  • Rootkits, which remotely control your device
  • Ransomware, which requires you to pay money

These different forms of malware are not yet exhaustive. There are even malware that combines all these actions. Within a company, the choice of an antivirus adapted to your needs and your activity concerns a major security issue.

A virus that infiltrates an employee’s workstation, or even all of your company’s servers, can have bad consequences: data loss, information leakage, identity theft…

How can a virus get into your computer? The answer is simple: by clicking on a broken link, by downloading a corrupted attachment or by introducing an infected medium (external hard disk, USB key…), hence the importance of protecting your company’s entire IT environment with a reliable antivirus.

Protect your IT assets with antivirus software

Before mentioning the essential points to consider when choosing your antivirus, you must know its roles. Indeed, it is able to monitor your servers and devices in your company. In other words, it plays a preventive function for:

  • Block access to unsecured sites
  • Prevent the presence of a virus when installing or downloading a program
  • Warn you in case of a threat

So, once you’ve gone around the publishers, compare the features of the two or three tools that caught your attention before you buy or download your software. Does it have a firewall, antispam, or parental control? Does it offer a test of a single file or a website? Are its features easy to use?

Sort through the solutions

Although the solutions on the market cannot claim to be infallible, they each offer a good level of security. However, be sure to check the protection mode of your antivirus security software.

Some of them have an intrusive and automated system and others allow a high degree of malleability. Otherwise, you may be alerted because of a fake virus, or even the smallest detail.

Always keep in mind that you will be using your antivirus on a daily basis. The last criterion on which you will have to base yourself is the power of your computer. If you have devices with a fairly large capacity, you can ignore this point.

On the other hand, for less powerful devices, it is better to first check the memory required by the antivirus security solution and choose the one that suits your devices. Otherwise, your antivirus can affect the fluidity and proper functioning of the installed applications.

Free or paid antivirus?

For a private individual, the choice may be to use free antivirus software. For a company, on the other hand, the use of a free antivirus can become a problem. In IT, cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and this, in record time, while free software is often late in updating…

To prevent your antivirus software from becoming obsolete or no longer being at the forefront of hacking advances, it is better to use paid antivirus software. In principle, the latter offer complete suites that can be controlled from a single interface and can be regularly updated.

It should be noted that most publishers offer several types of subscriptions. Therefore, the cost of this tool must not become a constraint. If you are still hesitating, you can also compare the best antivirus software on the market before choosing what may suit your needs.

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