OVHGate: what we know about this morning’s failure

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Since this morning, a major breakdown has affected part of the canvas. Many websites no longer respond because two OVH data centres in Strasbourg are no longer powered. The company’s CEO, Octave Klaba, warned Twittosphere that their routing room was no longer powered and that they were working on a solution.

What problems for users?

On the side of Internet users, the main problem is that they can no longer access certain websites. The sites in question have quickly warned their readers on social networks and are patiently waiting for an update on the situation. And since a problem never happens alone, OVH’s optical network is also down. In other words, it is impossible for the Roubaix data centre to communicate with others. At the moment, we do not yet know if the two problems are linked and we are waiting for new information from OVH.

What impact on professionals?

In addition to the problems mentioned above, professionals who use the mailboxes offered by OVH are also impacted: they can no longer access or send their mail. If you are looking for alternatives to communicate with your employees, do not hesitate to consult our article on software for effective communication in the workplace. You will find alternatives that will compensate for the lack of access to your mailbox.


[UPDATE : 10:40] Many websites are now accessible again and email services are also working again. The problems are not yet fully solved but OVH teams are working on them.

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