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In a month’s time, thousands of high school students will be taking their baccalaureate. Six days of challenges during which everyone will have to manage their stress and above all give the best of themselves to get good grades, and get their diploma the first time. And for that, no other choice than to review until the day. This is not a very enjoyable time, but it is mandatory if you want to leave high school and start a life as a student or young active person quickly. Philosophy, mathematics, history/geography, no subject should be forgotten. But if you have trouble getting organized, know that there are free and extremely effective review applications. In addition to the review sheets, they provide you with courses and many questions to practice and test your knowledge. Applications that we have selected for you and here is an overview.


Marmalade is one of the most recent applications on the market. It allows you to consolidate your knowledge in different subjects and fields to be ready for the day of the test. The application can be adapted to different fields (SMTG, Bac L, Bac S) but also allows you to prepare for other competitions or exams.

Marmelade Android

Download Marmalade on Android

Download Marmalade on iOS


MobiBac is one of the reference applications for revising the baccalaureate. Adapted to each stream, it offers audio course summaries, a glossary with key concepts, revision sheets, and of course a series of tests. A complete app to use 5 to 10 minutes a day on your smartphone or touch pad, to progress quickly and get your bin for sure.


Download Mobibac on Android

Download Mobibac on iOS

Bac 2019

Whether you are in Terminale S, L, ES or STMG, digiSchool’s Bac 2019 application will interest you. Well done, it provides a knowledge path to follow that allows students to learn the chapters in order, and therefore to better retain them. Beyond the 600 revision sheets and 5000 questions available free of charge, the app includes annals and probable topics.

Download Bac 2019 on your Android smartphone

Download the Bac 2019 application on iPhone

Annabac Bac S

Are you in Terminale S? Then download Annabac Bac S for free. This application takes up the year’s programme step by step, relying in particular on the subjects with high coefficients, namely mathematics, SVT and physics and chemistry. In addition, a progressive review path is offered with audio courses, review sheets and quizzes with 5 to 10 questions.


Download Annabac S on Android

Download Annabac S on iOS

My Baccalaureate – Eco

If, on the other hand, you are preparing an ES bin, it is the My Bin – Eco application that you must download to your mobile device. Coefficient 7 or 9 depending on the specialty you have chosen, economics is the test not to be missed. Thus, in order to prepare for the deadline, this application allows you to review the year’s courses, test your knowledge with mock exams, answers, and even current quizzes.


Download on Android

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