Self-entrepreneurs: 6 solutions to start coworking

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Becoming an auto-entrepreneur also means learning how to manage yourself. It is a status that often requires working alone, which can be quite burdensome. Fortunately, there are now so-called coworking spaces that allow you to benefit from a real office for your activities, whether you are alone or in a small team.

What is coworking?

Coworking refers to a shared workspace, often offices, in which several people carry out their own activity or one in common. In particular, they make it possible to encourage exchanges and interaction between self-employed workers who wish to benefit from a better working space than their residence.

In 2017, it is estimated that more than 11,300 coworking spaces will have been created, mainly in Europe. Their main advantage being their accessibility and their profitability compared to a real office rental.

Co-working, for what? For whom?

The first advantage of coworking is directly linked to the function of self-entrepreneur: flexibility. Do you usually take Tuesdays off? You prefer to work weekends? A large majority of coworking spaces have flexible opening hours for self-employed people.

The other big advantage for auto-entrepreneurs is the social aspect. While for some, working alone at home is a blessing, for many it quickly becomes wearisome or depressing. In a coworking space, even if you remain your only boss, nothing prevents you from taking breaks to chat with the others in the area. It can even help you make new contacts!

Where to find coworking space?

As mentioned above, the coworking areas are quite numerous. Logithèque has however selected 7 sites and tools allowing you to easily find the office of your dreams.


Available everywhere in France, Neo-Nomade gathers coworking spaces on an interactive map. Simply indicate your location so that you can view the offices near you. The site also gives you several practical information such as opening hours, type of office, number of rooms available, etc…

Rates are variable according to each space. However, it is possible to contact them for further information. Don’t hesitate to test several spaces and save your favourites!


Beewake also works on a simple principle: the site is divided into three main parts (coworking, closed office and meeting room). You can search for a workspace according to your desired neighbourhood and date.

Each space has its own tariff. The latter can be arranged according to the neighbourhood and the equipment available on site. You will easily find information on the online site to find out if the place has Wi-Fi, printers, etc…

Once you’ve found the office of your dreams, all you have to do is book it for the period of your choice and pay directly online. Beewake even has a mobile application for last minute bookings!


Only available in Paris, StationW distinguishes itself from its competitors by its very competitive offers: unlimited access to office spaces during their opening hours, unlimited hot drinks, broadband fibre, happy hours and events after 6pm… It’s already got everything to seduce.

The solution is also distinguished by its rates: these are the same for each workspace and according to several formulas starting at 40€ per month. Each offer even has a partnership with the Neoness and Urban Sports Club gyms to allow you to play sports once your day is over.

The icing on the cake: a trial offer is available for your first day. The latter includes full access to the coworking areas of StationW (Châtelet, Les Halles, Beaubourg, Saint Michel, Gare de Lyon and Père-Lachaise).

The Permanence

Another site only available in Paris, La Permanence currently has 3 workspaces accessible 24/7. Each office has Wi-Fi, storage lockers, meeting rooms and printers at affordable rates. For auto-entrepreneurs, it is even possible to domicile your micro-enterprise in one of the offices in order to receive your business mail.

The pricing also differs from other offers: you create an account on the site, scan your login when you arrive in a room and pay according to the time you spend there. Rates are between 1€ and 1.5€ per hour depending on peak and off-peak hours. It is even possible to take out a monthly subscription giving you unlimited access to all the rooms.


English site listing the best places to live and work as a nomadic worker, Nomad-List is easy to use. You enter the city you wish to find out more about and Nomad-List quickly shows you its advantages and disadvantages.

Each city has an overall score based on many criteria (average temperature, cost of living, overall quality of Internet connections, etc.). You will then be able to find the users of the site currently on site as well as dedicated discussion areas to inform you.

You seem to like a city? Then go to its interactive map “Coworking” to find all the available workspaces. However, it is not possible to reserve anything as Nomad-List acts more like a giant directory.

Offices to share

More aimed at small businesses, “Offices to Share” makes it easy to find the workspaces for you and your small team. Offices can be from 2 to about 50 posts. You will find all sorts of practical information such as nearby public transport, availability for a visit and the equipment built into each office.

Rates are on a monthly subscription basis, which can be extended thereafter. Each office has its own owner who responds fairly quickly to requests for information.

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