Some key features of a BPM

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Business Process Management (BPM) aims to make the processes that drive successful business operations more fluid. The BPM must make these essential practices explicable, executable and explicit.

In general, BPM is an effective way to optimally computerize business processes. With these methods, the company ensures that it has at its disposal a mastery of its practices that ensures measurable effectiveness.

Accelerate your time-to-market with a BPM

It is a long time ago when all events related to the activities of a company’s life were transmitted by paper slips. From now on, it is rather computerized documents, PDF, SharePoint and other forms, that accurately transcribe what is happening there.

Business Process Management is mainly used to streamline business processes. It aims to solve concrete problems related to communication and its consideration for entrepreneurial action.

In a company’s information exchange problem, it is important to understand that the processes and actors concerned are numerous and often scattered over several sites.

It should also be noted that the information required to perform the tasks is difficult to access or is in constant evolution. The indicators necessary for their improvement are not easy to collect and do not facilitate the management of actions.

Essential BPM features

The BPM must ensure the graphic modeling of forms and workflows as well as the management of actors, their roles, prerogatives and access rights. This is the heart of BPM. It is also necessary to ensure the management of delegations and changes of assignment that permanently influence the quality and effectiveness of the actions undertaken.

That’s why versioning and hot workflow updates must be performed in near-real time to provide value feedback for decision making. Despite the constant complexity, BPM software must remain accessible to civil servants and non-computer specialists. At the execution level, the workflow engine, necessarily compatible with the BPMN standard, must manage delegations and assignment changes.

It is important that automatic reminders and alerts in case of delay are carried out in a timely manner. The history and full traceability of stakeholders and any changes is essential.

Several processes must be possible to synchronize and they must connect to ERP and DBMS applications without defect. Their integration with LDAP and Active Directory directories is a must to ensure horizontal integration in the company and also inter-company cooperation of the B2B type.

The management ensures the contextual management of the workspace by taking into account the profile of each user. It is then possible to set up an application portal, widgets, indicators and dashboards that can be configured. They will be associated with multi-criteria search tools, and also in full text, in order to achieve the best efficiency.

Improvement is an integral part of the BPM’s functions. There is a need to measure hot indicators, those that measure the progress of tasks, and cold indicators that identify gaps, trends and bottlenecks.

It becomes possible to add your reports or dashboards to the mainstream tools of the profession such as QlikView, Microsoft Reporting Services, Business Objects, Cognos and many others.

Boost your production

The benefits of using software, and Business Process Management techniques, are threefold. Thanks to better visibility, all the company’s stakeholders have a better understanding of customer expectations.

The functions inherent in BPM provide great agility to the teams, which are then able to be always present on the growth site. Traceability, on the other hand, makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of actions and provide valuable information on new optimization measures that managers must consider.

According to the Gartner Group, nearly 70% of interested companies were able to implement BPM processes in less than 6 months. In about 60% of the cases of these actions, it was possible to achieve a fivefold increase in the results. With good upstream thinking and good downstream BPM software it is now possible to break certain deadlocks and/or generate welcome growth.

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