Sport and fitness: the essential Android and iOS applications

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Spring has just arrived and with the sunny days, it is time to do everything to get back in shape and especially a good flat stomach in anticipation of summer. Of course, you have the option of investing in a gym membership or motivating yourself to do your exercises yourself. If you are not thrilled by all these solutions, there is always the possibility to tap into the vast catalogue of applications in Google Play and the App Store. Because yes, it is possible to play sports while being assisted by your smartphone. Logitheque has selected the most efficient applications for you based on what you are looking for. Indeed, your smartphone has more than one trick in its bag thanks to the sensors it has at its disposal. We have selected for you the best running applications, the most efficient calorie counters and finally some applications that will allow you to do some exercises without having to leave home.

1 – Applications for running

If you do a little running, these applications will be useful. They allow you to save information about your sessions, which is perfect for those who want to know everything about their progress.

2 – Calorie meter applications

Are you careful what you eat? Give yourself a little boost with calorie-counting applications. Whether manual or more automated, they will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet.

3 – Fitness applications

A home gym session with exercises adapted to your needs is what you will find in fitness applications. Design your own program according to your level and you can have the daily training!

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