The amazing marketing techniques of social networks between neighbours

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Are you familiar with these service applications between neighbours? They are deployed on the French market, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, and are more and more numerous. To do this, they not only canvass the Internet: they also canvass you at home. Decryption.

How does it work?

You can find names like MonSuperVoisin, AlloVoisins, or NextDoor. The principle is simple: you post ads, either because you are looking for help or because you are offering your own, free of charge or for a fee, and people close to you can answer you.

De gauche à droite : Allovoisins, Mon Super Voisin, et Nextdoor

From left to right: Allovoisins, Mon Super Voisin, and Nextdoor.

Whether it’s nanny problems, electrical troubleshooting or gardening tips, the mutual aid social network connects people in the same neighbourhood who want to make ends meet, find a service provider other than an agency, have some company, or just get to know their neighbours better.

When virtual tools switch to physical advertising

You may also have received a flyer in your mailbox like the one below. Halfway between the paper of your child’s school association and the marketing document, this type of leaflet is distributed in the mailboxes of the neighbourhoods to be conquered.

Are they distributed by people working for the social support network, or by active members already registered? Here, the document is signed by “Pascale de la rue Merlin” or “Arlette et Lydie de la rue Pache“.

Publicité ou annonce de voisinnage ? vous invite à le découvrir...

Advertising or neighborhood announcement? invites you to discover it…

The condition for the success of such an application is to bring together enough people to create a real community. Indeed, if at each unforeseen event, you do not find any nanny to look after your children, you will no longer go through the application. So you have to find a lot of neighbours all at once for an effective launch.

This is not the only reason for distributing physical advertising: it gives the impression of amateurism, the idea of a document made in haste by neighbours involved in their neighbourhood.

A misleading or honest communication move?

So, marketing operation particularly compelling or just a spontaneous, civic movement? At the time of writing, we received in two weeks two papers of this kind in two different districts (La Plaine Saint-Denis and the Square de la Roquette district, in the 11th district of Paris), with the same type of speech, signed by two different applications, MesVoisins and Nextdoor.

One thing is certain: this marketing operation is not usual for the promotion of mobile applications. In addition, if the concept of the application is interesting to see apartment for sale ads, or even find a Chinese medicine professional, one can legitimately wonder how the business model of this type of tool works which does not yet contain ads from professionals or paid features.

Nextoor vous innonde de mails, un excellent moyen de finir à la corbeille.

Nextoor floods you with emails, a great way to end up in the trash.

Finally, once installed, note that the social network does not practice emailing sparingly, as is the case on this image showing the emails received by Nextdoor, 2 to 3 per day on average, whether at 14:01 like this email, or, as today, at 2:05 in the morning.

If, however, the Nextdoor application seems to be of high quality to you (despite everything, this tool can also be useful), you can still configure the email settings, by going to the mobile application on More > Settings > email settings, and selecting the modality that interests you.

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