The Google Trips application folds up

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The Mountain View firm often works on several applications at the same time and some are abandoned along the way. For example, we remember Inbox, the alternative to Gmail, which was stopped in March 2019 when the service had its small community of users. According to XDA Developpers, Google Trips could undergo the same treatment. Indeed, the app’s code would suggest that the travel application could disappear in the coming months.

But basically, who really knows Google Trips? The Mountain View firm’s service has long existed in a web version, but it was in 2016 that the company developed a stand-alone application on Android and iOS. The principle? Enable travellers to plan a trip to a city or country by selecting points of interest, activities and restaurants. Google Trips offers itineraries and the Mountain View company had some new features in preparation.

Google Trips

As mentioned above, XDA Developpers teams analyzed the application code and discovered a notification that Google Trips will be dropped as of August 5th. On the Google support page dedicated to Google Trips, the date of August 5 is also mentioned. It should be noted that this would only be the application and not the service itself.

In practical terms, you can continue to download Google Trips at this time and you may even be able to continue using it after August 5. However, Google should no longer update the application and it is expected that it will be deleted in the coming months. Another new application that joins Google Cemetery!


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