The iOS application, the backup gift for all latecomers!

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SOS! SOS! Only a few hours left before Christmas Eve and you still haven’t found all your gifts? Don’t worry, the Logithèque team is here to help you. And yes, even on Christmas Eve the editorial staff gives you some good tips on how to have a pleasant holiday. And for the moment, the idea we’re going to give you will really help you. Did you know that it is possible from your iPhone or iPad to offer an iOS application or game to the person of your choice? And yes, the news may surprise you and yet it is true. How should this be done? That’s exactly what we’re going to explain to you.

1. Choose the gift application on the App Store

First step of this last minute or even last second purchase (for those who are really in trouble), the selection of application or game on the App Store. To do this, it’s easy, just go to the site from your iPhone or iPad, browse through the application categories, or type the one you want to offer directly into the search field. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is click on “Offer”.

My Om Name, a funny iOS game for Christmas!

2. Personalize your Christmas card

The second step is to choose the delivery date and enter your Christmas message. And yes, to make this gift impersonal, personal, Apple has decided to allow users to write a small message to the recipient of the gift. Thus, you just have to enter the email address of the latter in the field provided for this purpose, and enter the message of your choice.


Gift sent on December 24th

To give a real festive touch to this gift, it is also possible to give a theme to your Christmas card. Thus, the person who receives your application will also receive a small Christmas card in their name. Something to mark the occasion simply, and especially very quickly!


Personalized Christmas card

3. Buy the application

Third and last step of this 2.0 gift, the purchase of the application. If you know a little bit about the App Store system, you know that buying apps is really something extremely simple, which only takes a few seconds. If you have already entered your bank details when creating your iTunes account, all you need to do is validate your purchase once you have read the summary of it. If this is not the case, you will need to enter your credit card number before pressing the button.


Confirmation of the order

Please note that in order to receive your application, the recipient must have an iTunes account in the same country as yours. A small detail that could make a difference on a day to day basis.

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