The list of the best emulators 2020 to play Android games on PC and Mac

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Developers of Android desktop emulators have come a long way in a few years. Overall, the software is more stable and optimized to run on a larger number of machines. Now you can enjoy the comfort of your keyboard, mouse, graphics card and large screen to play your favorite mobile games. If you are wondering which are the best Android emulators for PC or Mac dedicated to gaming, you will necessarily find the answer in the following lines. In our list, you will of course find pioneers of the genre but also unknown and equally powerful software.

The best Android PC emulators for PC

The offer of Android emulators optimized for gaming has literally exploded in recent years, to such an extent that mobile gaming giants are offering their own solutions. This is the case with NetEase and Tencent with Mumu App Player and Gameloop.

NetEase Mumu App Player

Mumu App Player is not well known to the general public, especially in the West. Yet, it is one of the most stable solutions. It is compatible with an impressive number of games (including NetEase games) and offers its own keymapping service to associate its mouse and keyboard keys with the tactile commands of a game. Mumu App Player uses Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and exists in two versions: an international and a Chinese one. Only the Chinese version offers its own application shop.

Mumu app player netease emulator

Download Mumu App Player for Windows

The interface of Mumu App Player, also known as Nemu, is quite simple. In addition to the keymapping tool, the user has a module to easily share files from his PC to the emulator, a screenshot tool, a virtual GPS and a space dedicated to the installation of APKs. Mumu App Player also allows you to export APKs natively to the PC.

For graphics, the software supports DirectX and OpenGL. It also allows you to adjust the resolution and resources allocated.


Gameloop is an emulator developed by Tencent, the mobile entertainment giant. This is a solution developed specifically to run games from the publisher’s catalog. Moreover, the emulator only allows access to Tencent games that are directly downloadable.

The emulator does not allow APKs to be manually installed in the English version. Tencent Gameloop is, as its name suggests, dedicated to gaming. You will find a space reserved for the Nonolive platform, the Chinese equivalent of Twitch.

gameloop emulator

Download Gameloop for Windows

Gameloop also offers its keymapping and screenshot module. A video capture system is also integrated. Finally, note that the application also allows you to adjust the screen resolution and set up the graphics rendering engine.


LDPlayer is one of the little-known emulators of the general public and yet it has many advantages. Based on Android, it is compatible with a large number of games. It has many features:

  • Video capture
  • Screenshot of the screen
  • The possibility to launch several instances
  • Virtual GPS
  • Space to install APKs
  • Keymapping
LD Player Emulator

Download LDPlayer for Windows

The software also makes it possible to optimize the rendering of flagship games such as PUBG or Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. LDPlayer is translated into several languages and has its own application store. Despite its versatility, this emulator unfortunately does not allow switching from one rendering engine to another.


Bluestacks is one of the pioneers of mobile PC gaming. The emulator was one of the first to offer features dedicated to mobile gaming. It is extremely complete and allows you to import files directly from Windows. This is a significant advantage, especially when it comes to installing games that require the use of Obb files. The emulator based on Android 7 (Nougat) allows you to connect to the Play Store, but it also has its own application store.

Bluestacks emulator for windows

Download Bluestacks for Windows

Bluestacks obviously has its keymapping module, a virtual GPS and a capture tool. The software offers many settings to optimize its execution according to the resources of its machine. Finally, for the most powerful PCs, Bluestacks provides an instance manager through which it is possible to launch several sessions of the program.


Like Bluestacks, Nox is one of the first emulators to focus on mobile gaming. It is based on Android (Lollipop) and includes all the elements useful to players. There are various tools available:

  • Virtual localization
  • The exclusive use of the mouse by the emulator
  • A multi-jurisdictional manager
  • An interface to share files easily with your PC
  • Video capture
  • The screenshot
  • The possibility of connecting a controller
  • Keymapping
Nox app player

Download Nox App Player for Windows

The software is versatile and can be easily optimized for different machines to provide greater stability. Nox Player integrates its own application store, but also allows you to use the Google Play Store.


This emulator based on Android is one of the most stable on the market. Compatible with a wide variety of games, it also emphasizes the user experience by offering all the features available even from its most serious competitors: Nox and Bluestacks. You will find an advanced keymapping module, capture tools and virtual localization.

Memu emulator

Download MEmu for Windows

However, it differs from these two software packages by its experience and its interface more faithful to Android. MEmu also allows you to export APKs directly to your PC.

MEmu is highly customizable and has many shortcuts to make it easier to activate its key features.

The best Android emulators on macOS

Playing Android games on macOS is no longer a myth. However, the operating system offers less stability to emulators. However, there are three sure values. All three are present on Windows and Mac. They are Nox, Mumu and Bluestacks.


The installer of the Mac version of Mumu App Player, the NetEase emulator, is currently available in Chinese. However, users can switch the emulator interface to English by going to the Android settings. Unlike its PC version, Mumu Mac presents a shop of applications present on the Asian market, in addition to Play Store.

netease mumu for mac

Download Mumu App Player for Mac


Bluestacks is also a good alternative for running Android games on macOS. The Mac version has basically the same features as its PC version. Bluestacks is certainly the most stable and complete option, but like most of its competitors, it will support fewer games than its PC version.

Bluestacks store mac

Download Bluestacks for Mac


Let’s finish our selection with the Mac version of Nox App Player. It has fewer features than the PC version, but don’t worry, most of it is done with the APK installer, virtual localization and keymapping. Nox has some stability issues but it provides tutorials to users to help them launch their favorite games.

nox app player clash royale

Download Nox for Mac

Android emulators on PC or Mac: a last tip

Whatever the solution chosen, make sure you have a sufficiently robust machine beforehand. You don’t necessarily need a power monster, but we recommend that you check that your machine has a good processor (at least 4 cores) and enough RAM (at least 4 GB).

In addition, we recommend that you make space on your hard disk because emulators consume a lot of storage space.

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