The MegaN64 emulator on Android hides malware that consumes data

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Bad news for emulation enthusiasts who use Android applications. The MegaN64 application, which emulates the Nintendo 64, was reportedly infected when it was last updated on September 24. The information comes from a shared testimony on a Reddit forum.

The application is available for download on Google’s store and the latest update probably did not worry about Google Play protections. Very popular, it has more than 10 million downloads, which is as many potential victims. It is sufficient that the application has been updated without the user noticing it for the user to become infected.

In concrete terms, malware exploded the device’s data consumption, whether in Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Several users (including Reddit) have seen an impressive increase in the amount of data consumed. Several comments on Google Play report the same problem.


As a bonus, the malware causes Chrome to randomly open to display a page called “livemobilesearch”.

If you have the MegaN64 application on your smartphone or Android tablet, we invite you to check your device settings to see if your mobile data consumption has not exploded. If this is the case, it is better to delete the MegaN64 application until a future update is proposed and why not discover an alternative on our article dedicated to emulation on Android. Play Protect, the shield of Google’s application store, has once again shone with its inefficiency.


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