The types of practical software for your SME

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From more than 10 employees, a company is no longer a very small business but an SME. It has new needs, and must therefore equip itself with new tools. But where do you start? We offer some advice on choosing the tools that will help you grow.

Evolve your sales management

Strengthen your ERP

As your business grows, you need to equip yourself with an increasingly efficient ERP system. If you don’t have one, it’s time to invest, and if you have one, list the tools you need and the problems you’re having before choosing your ERP.

If you had opted for a basic ERP, you will probably have to move up the range, to have software capable of managing a larger number of users, but also to have a more complete tool.

First, you can accelerate your time-to-market to increase productivity and track sales. Choose a software package that includes production management, logistics management and inventory management tools to streamline your production and storage processes.

Opt for a more complete follow-up

Your ERP must be able to be accompanied by an order management tool: you must be able to edit purchase orders, quotes, invoices, delivery notes, down payments, etc. Ensure that the tool contains a payment tracking function and can automate reminders in the event of a delay.

Also, choose a software package that does not limit itself to a billing and budget monitoring tool: some offer real accounting functionalities, and integrate with accounting software, which automatically generates official documents (accounting entries, declarations, etc.). Some also offer banking synchronization and multi-account management.

Manage your customers differently

Feel free to switch from CRM to customer relationship management software with more functions. Your marketing department only needs one thing: to benefit from lead generation tools, or even email or SMS campaign management tools. There are a large number of very practical tools to generate more sales.

Also make your customers want to be loyal to you, by using loyalty software, which publishes and reads physical or smartphone loyalty cards, analyzes purchasing behavior, rewards the best customers, gives the email opening rate, etc.

In addition, offer the best customer service tools, and make sure you turn your web visitors into potential buyers with online support software. Because the Internet is a powerful communication and sales tool, improve your website with a more powerful CMS and SEO tools to go up in search engine pages. Don’t ignore social networks either in order to inform your subscribers of your latest news.

Get powerful steering tools

Managing a company includes both the ability to make the best decisions to improve its ROI, but also to practice the best working methods and encourage its employees to give their best: here are some tools to achieve this.

Focus on collaboration

Promote the communication of your teams by using collaborative tools. For example, you can choose a project and task management software: you create a project in which you assign participants, then you assign tasks fairly to everyone and set goals to meet deadlines.

You can also encourage internal communication by using a corporate social network, ideal for announcing news or working in small groups. A GED solution can also be a way to share documents and modify them at the same time.

SMEs can also choose HR software to plan schedules, schedules, declare times, justify expenses, or have better absence and leave management.

Protect your data and access

More employees, more importance in the market: you are mixing more information and capital, so it is important to be able to protect yourself from it. Software that is used by several users generally offers to manage access and modification permissions. This allows you to restrict rights to prevent sensitive data from falling into the hands of all your employees (pay slips, budgets, action plans, etc.).

Many companies also use a password manager, which automatically generates passwords and saves them for you. Many of them are collaborative, and allow you to share access to an account with a third party without providing the secret code.

Finally, you can check the performance of your antivirus and adopt data backup software in case of disasters.

Lead your company towards agility and innovation

The objective is no longer to survive, as is the case for start-ups, but to gain in importance to become the reference in your sector. To do this, you must be the innovative company, and therefore be responsive.

A monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on the news of your competitors, their prices, their stock shortages, their new products. Feel free to take advantage of this sharp eye to save time and get the best overall view of the market situation.

There are also many analysis and monitoring tools to translate your data into useful information and support you in your decision-making. Because you need to always have a view of your company’s figures, prefer responsive mobile applications and software that also work in offline mode.

Finally, encourage the emergence of new ideas by using idea gathering software: you value your teams and bring out the best proposals to lead the company to success, and thus become a Large Company.

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