This application removes the background of an image in 5 seconds

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You regularly use photo editing software, image processing or photo enhancement software and regularly you struggle to hijack a face or a person… A new online application allows you to perform this procedure which takes several minutes (or even several hours if the person to hijack is Kev Adams) in a few seconds!, remove the BackGround, not the Beautiful Kids

You have to make an express routing and your computer graphics designer is on lunch break? Use this online application without too much trouble to remove the background of an image, if a human person is in the foreground. Be careful, don’t expect a professional result but in 5 seconds and if your needs are not ultra-qualitative, you should find what you are looking for.

To use, go to the site, then choose an image, either from your computer or via a URL. 5 seconds later maximum, you can upload a transparent background image, with your main subject trimmed, even if he or she has curly hair.

Some examples?

Okay, some examples:

One stroke of a magic wand, and Hop!

Okay, there are some small imperfections… But look at this hair!

Other tests:

You will notice the almost perfect work, except for a few elements from the background that have been confused with Cüneyt Arkin’s golden hair


Harder, only one person in the foreground and a lot in the background….

Oops, it didn’t work…. You can’t win every time.

*Before shouting at the fake news, we made a joke, here is the real image processed by

As you can see, the journalist has been cropped and the image cropped. This is one of the limitations of the software, which only handles small images and does not offer a PSD as an output format.

A good tool, for occasional use and to help out…

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