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Why choose Microsoft Office 365 over Microsoft Office 2019 ? Where are the différences ? What should I focus on for my société ? These are legitimate questions to which we will try to provide answers.

In order to help you choose one or the other of these software suites, let’s look back at these two offers and try to see what each of them offers and what are their advantages.

What tools do these two suites contain?

  • The essential tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook

You are probably not without knowledge of Microsoft Word, a word processing tool, or the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Both solutions offer the publisher’s best office automation tools, starting with the two famous tools.

Add to these the PowerPoint presentation and OneNote note-taking software, and you get a set of four tools that you will find in your suite, no matter which formula you choose.

You can also find the Outlook email tool in all packages (except Office 2019 Family and Student).

  • Take advantage of other Microsoft tools

Other tools are included in the most complete suites, such as Publisher, DTP software (for creating communication media), and Microsoft Access, SQL database management tool.

You will only find the other tools on Office 365, since they require Internet access. For example, OneDrive and OneDrive Enterprise are storage solutions, while Skype and Skype Enterprise allow you to organise telephone meetings or videoconferences.

Finally, you can also discover the four software programs that complete the Office 365 Business Premium offer, namely :

  • Exchange, a collaborative professional messaging system
  • Sharepoint, an intranet solution for document sharing and collaboration
  • Microsoft Teams, a collaboration solution
  • Yammer, a corporate social network

All these tools are interoperable, i.e. they are linked to each other, so as to make your daily life easier.

Tableau comparatif Microsoft Office 2019 et 365 Comparison table between Office 2019 and Office 365

Subscription or license at vie ?

This is the biggest difference between Office 365 and Office 2019. When you buy Office 2019, you choose to buy a tool that you can download on a workstation and enjoy “ à vie ”, without any fixed duration. You bought it, it belongs to you.

Office 365 is an online offer available by subscription: you pay by the year for a service available on the Internet. So you pay every year, but in exchange, you can use the tool suite from any device (PC, Mac, tablets or even smartphones). In addition, you can use it from anywhere, at the office, but also at home or on the move. The icing on the cake: you always have the latest version of your office automation tools.

The advantages of Office 2019

  • The tool belongs to you

With Microsoft Office 2019, the main advantage you will see is that you only pay once. Unlike the other formula, you keep your tools once you have installed them.

  • No need for the Internet

Office 2019 is on your computer: whether you have a good internet connection or not, you can always use Word, Excel, etc. Of course, Internet coverage is improving over the years, but who is protected from a temporary interruption, which would waste valuable time on your entreprise ?

  • Pay only for the most part

You don’t need Publisher, Skype Enterprise or minimes  updates? In this case, Office 2019 offers you 3 different offers to adapt to your needs and your portfolio.

The advantages of Office 365

  • Your work tools, everywhere, on all your devices

You no longer depend on your workstation to work. This is a real plus for thepeople whose jobs require them to travel regularly or to work either in the office or at home.

You can use Office 365 from your tablet or phone to work with a colleague at another office, for example, or to present data between appointments to your colleague.

  • Goodbye installations, hello updates

You no longer manage the technical aspects of a software installation, nor the regular updates of your tools. Not only do you save space on your machines, but you also gain on several points.

On the one hand, you save yourself the time spent installing tools on all your colleagues’ workstations, checking that they all have the same tools, and that they have made the same updates.

Indeed, even if you do not take advantage of the new features with an Office 2019 license, you must agree to make some small corrections related to security or bugs found after release.

Nothing dramatic, but with Office 365, you don’t have to ask yourself the question: your solution is continuously updated without disruption and you benefit from the new features as soon as they are released.

  • The power of online collaboration tools

Teams will appreciate that they no longer need to get their brushes tangled with different versions of the same Word file. The web version of Microsoft tools is designed to encourage teamwork on the documents created.

In addition, the complementary tools that are added to the most complete solutions act precisely to improve collaborative work (Sharepoint, but also Yammer and Microsoft Teams).

Which one choisir ?

To conclude, know that there are no good or bad choices: the suite is not the market leader for no reason, you will appreciate using Word or Excel regardless of how it is hosted or acquired.

The Office 365 suite is designed for large companies, or mid-cap companies with high mobility needs or collaboration tools. Office 2019, on the other hand, is aimed at smaller budgets and is ideal for professionals who only need the software that has made the Microsoft Office suite so successful.

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