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In terms of computer software, 3D architecture software is one of the most interesting for Internet users. Often easy to access, they meet several demands, those of individuals who like to imagine the home of their dreams, and those of professionals who are constantly looking for new products, more intuitive and of better visual quality. But what also explains the enthusiasm of Internet users for this type of software is television. Indeed, in recent years, decoration has become the playground of TV channels. Not to mention the “home staging” trend, which consists in making new things out of old, and which is currently making DIY stores happy at the expense of furniture stores. All this to tell you that architecture software is nowadays, even more so than before, in the trend. Following this, we decided to establish the ranking of the 5 best 3D architecture software of the moment, which we present to you now.


If there is a 3D architecture software that is currently working, it is this one: HomeByMe. Offered free of charge, it allows anyone to create their home from A to Z, and above all to furnish and decorate it thanks to an extremely well-stocked catalogue. A software that has given many ideas to Internet users, as you can see with the model below representing Lily, Marshall and Ted’s apartment, which all fans of the series “How I met your mother” will easily recognize.


Download HomeByMe for Windows

Download HomeByMac for Mac

3D architecture – 3D view

3D Architecture – 3D View is the most downloaded free architecture software on the Software Library. Why? Why? Simply because it offers beginners everything they need to build professional 3D houses and apartments. The details are meticulous, the visits realistic, and the possibilities of decoration and layout are quite numerous. Less complete than some paid architecture software, it is still a very good program to start with in this area.


Download 3D Architecture – 3D View for Windows

Sweet H3D ome

When it comes to free architecture software, Sweet Home 3D does not deny its pleasure. Free software, to be more precise, it offers an interface that is certainly a bit old-fashioned compared to HomeByMe but very complete and above all well organized. Indeed, once you have made a plan of your house, you can furnish it with the chairs, tables, and other sofas listed in the database. On the other hand, on the 3D side, nothing to be said about, the result is of good quality for a program of this type.


Download Sweet Home 3D for Windows

Download Sweet Home 3D for Mac

Download Sweet Home 3D for Linux

3D Architect

Much more professional than the first three software packages, Architecte 3D also offers architectural design and creation tools with several advanced features such as the cost estimator to create quotes, or a “decorator palette”. Thus, thanks to him, your plans and house projects become much more concrete. In addition, the latter includes a large catalogue integrating more than 300 objects and 2600 pieces of furniture, in 3D of course.


Download 3D Architecture for Windows

ViaCAD 2D/3D

Fifth software in our selection of 3D architecture software: ViaCAD 2D/3D. This Computer Aided Design (CAD) solution is not just an architecture software but a real 3D real-time modeling program for aspiring architects, as well as amateur and professional designers. Thanks to its LogiCursor technology, which anticipates drawing movements, this software can be used to make plans for a house, draw mechanical parts or create electrical diagrams.


Download ViaCAD 2D/3D for Windows

Download Viacad 2D/3D for Mac

As a bonus:


For all lovers of architecture and decoration, here is a new program that may seduce you. Kozikaza, not to mention it, is an online architecture software that offers a multitude of possibilitiesboth in terms of 3D plan than in terms of layout. Beyond the common features found in all architecture software, Kozikaza offers a fairly innovative tool to create your own furniture (included in the 3D plan). Finally, since every project deserves to be realized, this online program makes available to its users a “free quote request”, allowing everyone to receive up to 5 free work quotes from artisans in your region, within 72 hours. Practical!


Download Kozikaza


Less known than other software on this list, BlopHome is nevertheless an effective and complete program. Whether you need to rethink the design of your living room, imagine your future bedroom or simply think about decorating your new apartment, BlopHome will meet all your needs. His strength? To be able to draw from a regularly updated catalogue with the new products of many brands: Ikea, Maison du Monde, Zara Home… It is Blophome’s servers that generate the rendering, which allows you to have a completely fluid program on your computer. BlopHome exists in several versions, one of which is completely free.


Download BlopHome for Windows


Cedreo is not really a newcomer as it is actually MySketcher. It is an online solution that allows you to design two- or three-dimensional plans very easily and then arrange the different rooms. Cedreo is committed to providing tutorials so that each user can understand how to use the service. In addition, Cedreo only requires a simple web browser to be launched, which allows you to use it from any computer once you have logged in with your user account. Cedreo used to offer a free offer that no longer exists. However, it is possible to request a demo from the publisher.

Cedar Architect

Download Cedreo


New to our list of the best architecture software, RoomSketcher has a lot to offer. Like Cedreo, it is an online tool that works from a simple browser. The tools for tracing the rooms of your future home are intuitive so that it is possible to obtain a satisfactory result very quickly. On the furnishing side, RoomSketcher offers a very complete catalogue of furniture, sofas, tables and small decorative objects. Enough to complete each room of the house to admire the result!


Download RoomSketcher

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