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The notion of brain training is not new, although it has taken a long time to democratize. It was not until the arrival of handheld games and in particular the release of “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training Program : How old is your brain? to experience a real craze for this type of exercise. This has led to a large number of titles that have surfed on this trend to such an extent that even smartphones are getting started. And for good reason, these are devices that you always have close to you, so it makes sense that brain training applications are invited on Android and iOS. So, if you want to work your neurons in public transport or during your breaks, here is our selection of applications to consume without moderation for a strong and healthy brain.


Several brain training applications are competing for the top spots on Google Play and the App Store and among them, one stands out more than the others. Peak is undoubtedly one of the references in the field. With its careful execution and its ever-improved content, it offers you the opportunity to discover about twenty games that will require you to brainstorm and be focused.


Peak offers you the opportunity to reach a daily point quota by participating in a series of games. The more successfully you succeed, the more points you earn. Games use different characteristics of your brain such as mental agility, memory, concentration and reasoning. At the end of your exercises, you will be able to view a map of your brain with your score for each category. Peak is a reflex to be taken to stimulate your neurons.

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With its less flashy colours than the previous application, Lumosity has decided to offer a less colourful but just as effective service. Claiming more than 70 million users worldwide, Lumosity was developed with the support of many neuroscientists.

You will be able to train your brain with a personalized program designed by the Lumosity team. Each mini-game will ask you to approach it in a different way to work on a facet of your brain. It should be noted that the application is not available in French and therefore it will make you, at the same time, review your English.

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Memorado offers a series of fun games to stimulate your brain. The application is pretty well thought out with enough games and levels to keep you busy for a while. The objective is to work on certain aspects of your brain such as concentration, logic or memory.

Each day, you will have your quota of events which will allow you to monitor your progress. The application still offers about twenty different games with more than 700 levels. Memorado is free to download but you can opt for the premium version which unlocks additional features.

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Memory, concentration and intelligence: these are the three points that you will improve with the NeuroNation application. Approved by many scientists and the Free University of Berlin, it offers a series of exercises to stimulate your brain while having fun.

To motivate users, NeuroNation integrates a system of progression via levels. Every time you play, you earn points for unique rewards. In total, 23 games are available and they are varied enough not to bore users.

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Smart – games for the brain and logic

Smart offers about twenty different games in more than 600 levels to stimulate your brain. As its name suggests, your logical sense will be used to quickly complete the levels. As you go along, you will understand the mechanics of the games so that you can move faster and achieve the best possible scores. Of course, you can compare your results with those of your friends. Not insignificant advantage: it is possible to play Smart without an internet connection, ideal to train your neurons in the subway or on the plane.


Download Smart – Games for the brain and logic for Android

Bonus :

Big Brain

Big Brain is a brain training application that offers offbeat mini-games. Indeed, they are thought around the things of everyday life. Have you ever thought it would be fun to look for the second sock, the one that hid in the drum of the washing machine? Can you memorize what’s in a business cardboard box? Here are some examples of the themes that are part of the 25 games that make up the Big Brain application. The application also offers to create customized programs that can be adapted according to the time you want to spend on games.

Big Brain

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