Video editing: applications to know for iPad and Android tablet

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Adobe Premiere, After Effects, iMovie or Final Cut Pro… If video editing is one of your hobbies, these names are certainly not unknown to you, and for good reason, they are some of the most famous software in the field. Except that with the advent of mobile devices, a new way of creating videos has appeared. Indeed, smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to run applications that are all more efficient than each other. And that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on. To do this, we have selected the best video editing applications for you. Even if they also work on smartphones, we still advise you to use them on the tablet because they offer greater convenience.

Automatic video editing

This is a trend that has become more pronounced with mobile devices: using applications that do all the work for us. Because yes, there are solutions that take care of creating small video montages on their own.

The most famous is called Magisto and has seduced users with its extremely simple operation. All you have to do is select the photos and videos of your choice, add music and a theme and all you have to do is wait for the result. The advantage is undoubtedly the ease of use since anyone can be tempted. The disadvantage is that the pieces of video that will be used may not necessarily be the most relevant to you. You should also know that the free version of Magisto imposes some limitations such as the number of files used or the maximum duration of the videos.


In the same category, we find Cameo, an application presented by the video sharing site Vimeo. Like Magisto, we find an interface designed for the user with a system of themes to create his montages. If it offers less than its competitor, everything here is free. The created videos can also be stored online so as not to take up any space on your iPad’s memory. Because yes, Cameo’s defect is that it is only available on iOS.

More recently in the field, Quik is an application developed by Stupeflix teams and acquired by GoPro. It was designed for videos extracted from GoPro but finally works with any content. Quik offers a very easy to understand interface where you just have to select your videos, theme and music. Quik finishes the job and even offers enough to publish the videos on YouTube.


Manual video editing

For the more resourceful, there are many video editing applications that let the user decide everything. Some of them are even particularly intuitive like VideoShow: Movie Maker. Simplicity and efficiency are the key words of this app which, even if it is not the most provided in options remains one of the users’ favourites. It allows you to use short video clips, add images, filters, resize or zoom in on an area that can be drawn. There are enough options to satisfy amateurs, but those looking for a more in-depth tool will prefer to turn to another solution.


On Android only, we also find the Video Maker Movie Editor application. Much less attractive due to its interface, it is very minimalist by offering a timeline with a space reserved for video and another for sound. You will be able to cut and edit your files very easily, add many effects and a title. Video Maker Movie Editor allows you to save your work in HD format or upload it to YouTube.

Video Maker Movie Editor

Android device owners will also be able to use Cyberlink’s PowerDirector. Much more extensive than other applications, it has an interface very inspired by its PC version but adapted for touch devices. Above all, it is the number of options offered that will convince you: about twenty transition effects, about ten video filters but also the possibility of saving your work in Full HD format. Some options can be added via purchase-in-app for the most demanding.


But let’s not leave out the headset users with this application which is present by default on some devices: iMovie. Like the Mac version, it allows all types of users to create trailers or small movies using the proposed effects. Themes are also part of the game as well as the possibility to slow down, add sound effects or create a credits. If the application is not present on your iPad, it is available on the App Store for €4.99.


Special effects

To create video montages that stand out from the crowd, why not add a few special effects to them. For this purpose, we have selected two applications that have convinced us by their qualities.

First of all, there is Hyperlapse, which we tested a few months ago, and which allows you to make time-lapse videos, i. e. fast videos with a much longer period of time. This effect, particularly pleasant to look at, benefits from the very good stabilizer provided by the application. Hyperlapse also offers many speed options for good results. Developed by Instagram, it is currently only available on iOS.

Finally, and this is one of our favorite applications, FxGuru : Movie Fx Director is a real gold mine of special effects. Indeed, it offers a vast catalogue of effects as diverse as they are interesting: alien invasion, satellite fall, dinosaur attack or ghostly possession. Everything is done directly via the application which shows you how to shoot and even offers you some filters for your clips. If a large part of the effects are not free, it is possible to unlock them by responding to some offers such as downloading a third-party application. In short, for a first science fiction film, you should find plenty to satisfy yourself.

FxGuru Movie Fx Director

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