VideoStudio 2019: making video editing has never been easier!

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Corel continues to refine its software to reflect the VideoStudio range. A true reference in the world of video editing, version 2019 is already available and brings with it many new features. Let’s see what more we can do with VideoStudio 2019.

New and original transitions

VideoStudio 2019 wants to stand out by offering rare transitions that are easy to use. In this new version, we find new effects to change the plane: zoom, spin, fast movement and even morphing. These transitions give new editing possibilities by playing with both the colors of the shots and the landscapes for very successful effects.

More options in color control

VideoStudio already offered several modules dedicated to color retouching: brightness, saturation, clarity… This 2019 version brings additional settings to highlight specific colors, match the atmosphere between two clips and much more!

VideoStudio 2019

Titles that adapt to your desires

VideoStudio 2019 brings new tools to create fully customized titles. Via a text and style editor, you will be able to easily modify the font, animations and movements. Better still, it is possible to save your own styles of titles in order to find them more easily.

New screen recorder option

VideoStudio 2019 is enhanced with a screen recording module, very practical if you want to make computer tutorial videos. You can select the area to record, add sound, for example using a microphone, but also select the settings of the outgoing video file. An additional benefit that makes VideoStudio 2019 an even more versatile solution.

VideoStudio 2019 is available in two versions: the Pro version at 59€ and the Ultimate version, even more complete at 76€.

Article written in partnership with Corel

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